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The Pressures of Being Thin

According to recent surveys, five to 10 million females and one million males suffer from eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. Consequently, an estimated 50 thousand individuals will die as a result of such disorders in the course of a lifetime.

Afghanistan: War or Hatred

According to a military charge sheet, sergeant James P. Boland, a reserve military police soldier, witnessed the beating of an Afghan prisoner. The alleged victim was identified as Mullah Habibullah, brother of a former Taliban commander. In addition to the severity of such actions, the report concluded that such techniques of aggravated assault have commonly occurred over the course of the war.

Did you know…

- Only 50 percent of young adults say they discussed politics, government, or current events with their parents. - 19 percent say that they "never" talk about politics, government or current events. - Of the people who grew up discussing politics in their home, 75 percent are registered to vote.

Intramurals to spice up athletics in fall

Chris Rogers Staff Writer Often intimidated by a lifestyle of commitment and pressure, Cabrini College redefined the meaning of sports by introducing a sequence of fun, outgoing activities. Ranging from basketball, soccer, flag-football and even kayaking, Cabrini's affiliates are welcomed to take part in any such activities at the start of each semester.

Source for academic success

Suppose you are apart of a team that is about to enter the final, decision-wining game of the season. The sudden buzzing of the clocks announces the debut of a fight to victory. Grinding up every ounce of fury, you step onto that field trickled by the rewarding thoughts of success.

Freshman finds new role on lacrosse team

Chris Rogers Staff writer Born and raised in Toronto, BC, Scott Bordignon, a freshman exercise science and health promotion major, joined Cabrini to pursue his lifelong hobby; lacrosse. Indulged in the sport from the early age of six as a component to his once violent self, Bordignon's passion grew founder as he developed a sense of admiration towards the sport.

Injuries restrain athletes from gametime

As the cold, feverish winter months lose grasp to spring's much anticipated climate, sounds of echoing bells announces a subtle launch towards physical improvement. During such a time, an increase in students will observably overflow the gym, linger the carpets with sweat and drain the water fountain of its valuable contents.

Naps: substitute for sleep deprivation

Do you rely on napping as a means for catching up on sleep? Amongst college students, hectic schedules and late-night socializing are common inducers of poor sleep hygiene. But how serious can this be? Students are clenched to the notion that youth means invincibility and that sleep deficits are simply cured by short afternoon naps.

Women’s lacrosse utilizes new training for upcoming season

Armed with wooden sticks, the women's lacrosse team enters the season with hopes of battling their way to the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. "Not only are we going to compete against top level teams, but we're going to win. Our definite goal for the season is to make it all the way to the PAC Championships," Jacky Neary, head coach of the women's lacrosse team, said.

Anime becoming mainstream

Whoever said Japanese animation was just for kids? These over-exaggerated films have captured audiences throughout the United States, primarily by means of redefined art and visually stunning features. Though one may agree to such conceptions, others simply cannot stop staring at the unusually big-eyed, puppet-like features most anime characters seem to share.

Movies coming to a theater near you

Across the nation, a variety of movies have yet again hit the screens with full impact. Ranging from adventurous to more daring choices to pick from, film directors have once more proven the efficiency of their talent. So, tie up your shoes, grab your partner and race to the nearest movie theater.

Video games enter into the realm of 12-step programs

When was the last time you played a video game? Students, adults and children have all fallen victim to an entrenched behavioral aspect brought forth by computers. Though many have found a "healthy" balance to their consumption of this underground epidemic, others have initiated themselves in a vicious cycle of Russian roulette.


Last semester students from Cabrini eagerly packed their belongings to participate in the study abroad program in Australia. Significantly, students have had a direct impact on the country, making it one of the largest and fastest-growing settings for tourism.


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