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Swimming takes 5th at Crimson Invitational

After day one at the Crimson Invitational, hosted by Indiana University of Pennsylvania the Cabrini men's and women's swimming teams placed fifth and sixth in the standings. Combined, the Cavaliers finished the day in fifth place with 152 points. The Cabrini women advanced to two final heats: the 200-yard freestyle relay and 400-yard medley relay.

Policing online campus networks becomes expensive for colleges

Congress not to enforce new requirements to fight illegal file-sharing. Colleges say that they are already paying thousands of dollars to monitor, prevent and discipline online behavior. Congress is trying to pass several laws to prevent foul-play of copyrighting and of people breaking the laws that are set.

Macbook for $800: fact or fiction

There is a rumor flying around in the technology world that Apple could possibly be releasing a new line of Macbooks with a price, less than the normal, around $800 for a baseline model. The new laptops could also range to $3,100 if you buy a laptop that is filled with more technology.

Volleyball splits double header

Cabrini women's volleyball team split a double header on Saturday, Oct. 11 against Rosemont college and Eastern University. Women's volleyball played against division rival, Rosemont, and most importantly got the win, 3-0. The win was important for the ladies record in the Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC).

Penetar, Gambescia lead the way at Belmont Classic

Eddie Penetar, sophomore psychology major placed second in the individual, which guided the Cabrini men's cross country team to a ninth place finish at the Belmont Classic in Fairmont Park on a rainy and cloudy day, Sunday, Sept. 28. The women's cross country team ranked No.

Recreation department offers something for everyone

Intramural sports on Cabrini's campus provide a social environment for students to get involved and interact with their peers. "This is a great opportunity to stay in shape, try a new activity or continue an activity they may have played in high school but not on a varsity college team," Orlin Jespersen, assistant director of recreation, said.

Penetar key to success

"We had to do a mile run in gym class in sixth grade. I just so happened to beat some of the best runners on the cross country team, so therefore I decided to give it a shot the following year," Eddie Penetar, sophomore psychology major, said. Penetar is a well recognized cross country runner.

Pay up AIG or prepare for a lawsuit

Americans are deeply disturbed that their taxpayer dollars are being handed over to American International Group to give out bonuses that are owed. AIG was bailed out with $170 billion at first and then received an additional $30 billion on top of the original amount.

YouTube videos in question as effective evidence in courts

In a recent study, YouTube was the main subject and whether it should be allowed to be used in the supreme court. The videos show what is either unspeakable police brutality or a measured response to an arrested man's stubbornness. In a study according to the Harvard Law Review, the truthfulness that is possible in videos have the possibility to unsettle the way appellate judges do their work.

Biodegradables reinforce going green

The cleaning aisles at local supermarkets and local stores are starting to look like an Earth Day extravaganza. Many cleaning products now say organic, biodegradable or environmentally friendly on their labels. "Biodegradable means that the substance breaks down in nutrients just as any other biodegradable products, such as food waste that gets composted and the nutrients can get recycled by nature through the various nutrient cycling pathways such as how a dead animal or plant decomposes and enters the nutrient cycle," Dr.

President George highlights book in Leader Lecture Series

"I do what I expect others to do in return," was one of the strongest hit points that Dr. Marie George presented on Monday night. Along with speaking about it for an extended amount of time, the audience's reaction, smiles and nodding heads in agreement, filled the atrium.

Free consumer site offers buyers purchasing advice

During this tough economic time, there is one place students can turn to: the Consumerist Blog. The Consumerist informs and entertains consumers about the top consumer issue of that particular day. The blog is the leading online resource for consumer-driven advice dealing with everything from grocery products to what company is the worst in the world.

How much are generic antibiotics costing you?

Food stores, specifically Giant and its sister chain Stop & Shop, are supplying people who have prescriptions with free generic brand antibiotics. The free antibiotics giveaway lasts through the month of March and include antibiotics such as amoxicillin, penicillin and ciprofloxacin.

Heart-healthy choices

Many parents of students at Cabrini are in the prime age range for developing some kind of heart condition, whether it may be high cholesterol, a heart attack or heart disease. "It scares me a little bit, as my parents are in the range. They're doing the best they can though, as am I," Joe Cahill, sophomore communication major, said.

Knowledge nixes alcoholism

Alcohol dependency syndrome, known as alcoholism, is characterized by four characteristics: craving, loss of control, physical dependence and tolerance, states an article from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. "The effects of alcohol vary depending on how much a person has had to drink," Dara Herskovits, therapist at Cabrini College Counseling Services, said.

Happiness Contagious

Happiness is as contagious as the flu. Happiness can be caught, but it is also something that has to be found as well. I think in order to catch the happiness bug, people need to be face-to-face. Even though people may seem happy or content over the phone or on the Internet, I'm not sure if you could catch it in the same way you could talking to someone face-to-face.

Lady Cavs remain undefeated in CSAC

The Cavalier women's basketball team posted a 5-2 record over winter break, with three of their wins coming against conference rivals. With those three conference wins, Cabrini currently sits second in the conference standings with a record of 4-0 and an overall record of 9-3.


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