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Cavaliers end season in first PAC playoff round

The men's basketball team was defeated by Gwynedd- Mercy College 78-62 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference first round playoff game on Saturday, Feb. 23. The loss has ended the men's team's season. The year ended with a record of 12-14. This year included seven more wins than the preceding season.

Spring break: grab these gadgets and go

It's that time of year again, where college students finally get a break from their studies. Spring break is almost upon us. Every student has certain gadgets they cannot live without. "I extensively use my phone and laptop everyday," James Tsao, a freshman biology major, said.

Price increase for US ‘paper book’

"When in Rome do as the Romans do." Well, getting there is half the battle. Passport prices are on the rise, and you can't forget your student visa to study abroad. Why is it so expensive to get a passport lately? The prices have taken a rise in the past few months.

‘’ magazine hits the streets

"" magazine is hitting the streets. It's an up-and-coming Philadelphia magazine trying to fight its way through the massive magazine scene. In true Philadelphia style, the magazine is an underdog trying to climb to the top. A few free copies of the first issue are making its way around the city in order to get their name and face out to the public.

College receives federally funded grant

Senator Robert Casey and Congressmen Patrick Murphy and Jim Gerlach announced on Jan.10, at Cabrini College that a federally funded grant for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium of Higher Education Institute for Mathematics and Science was presented. The amount awarded was $527,000.

College students rely on sleep aids

Sleepless nights turn into missed classes for many students. The use of sleep aids is becoming more wide spread. According to Joan Goldberg from the Sleep Foundation, "54 percent of adults said they have experienced at least one symptom of insomnia." The college lifestyle changes sleep patterns for students many times throughout the year.

Drexel announces new e-mail system

Drexel University, who provides the e-mail service for Cabrini College, will soon be offering its students with 4 GB of storage through Gmail or Microsoft e-mail. This is in contrast with Cabrini's e-mail limit of 100 MB. The launch of this new e-mail system is expected to take place this spring.

Potential college assessment tests draw mixed reactions

Some college students are being put to the test after being accepted into their college or university of choice. The Bush administration's No Child Left Behind Act may begin to have more of an effect on college students. Colleges are beginning to consider introducing a standardized test, the College Learning Assessment that each college student will take yearly.

Students work together to spread AIDS awareness on campus

AIDS is a tragic disease ravaging the world killing millions of people. This year an estimated 4.3 million new cases have been diagnosed. Approximately 2.9 million will die of the illness. Some people see AIDS as Africa's problem. AIDS is not just a problem in Africa.

Prospective Cabrini College students lacking in admissions trend

A new trend is making its way across college campuses. Prospective college students are sending thank you notes to admission offices after their admission interview. Cabrini's admissions office receives only a handful of thank you notes throughout the year.

R&B singer stars in hit HBO series

People crowded together from all across the Philadelphia area to the Prince Music Theater for a special preview of HBO's newest series "No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency." HBO and the Weinstein Group have partnered together to bring the books to life. A special appearance by author Alexander McCall Smith started off the evening.

Who really watched ‘Watchmen?’

The highly anticipated movie "Watchmen" hit the big screen on March 6. Does it live up to all of its hype? In its opening week, "Watchmen" brought in record numbers at the box office for 2009, but staggered in week two. Based off of Zach Synder's graphic novel, "Watchmen" takes place in 1985.

Sneak peek at ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

As the lights dim in the crowded theatre and the smell of fresh popcorn fills the air, the excitement of the screening of the holiday drama "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" mounted.

Recording star teaches at Cabrini

Paul Geissinger, a new faculty member joined the Cabrini Communications Department this fall. Geissinger is the new digital audio professor. At first glance Geissinger seems to be like any other young professor here at Cabrini, but what you don't know is that he has a whole other side to his career.

GPFO: going green on the silver screen

The Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO) hosted "The Green Screen" event at the Prince Theatre on Sept. 8, 2008. A buzz filled the room as people filed in, not sure what the event would bring to an already hot topic of going green. What does it really mean to go green in the film industry? The GPFO brought together various members of the film community as well as environmentalists alike to shed light on ways to make the film business more environmentally friendly.

Living like Romans do

After all the planning, packing and ridiculously long travel time, I was finally in Rome. The airport looked like any other airport. It wasn't what I wanted to see once I first got off the plane. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Rome had a story all its own waiting for us to discover it.

Shocking loss for ‘Soul Men’ movie

Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes who are to appear in the upcoming film "Soul Men" have passed away. On Saturday Aug. 9, Mac died from pneumonia. Complications arose causing the condition to worsen. The following day newscasters reported that Mac's "Soul Men" co- star Hayes was found collapsed in his home and then pronounced dead.

‘Hard Candy’ cracks the charts

The start of summer is right around the corner. Artists are releasing new sounds for the new season. The biggest buzz is coming from Madonna's new album "Hard Candy" that dropped Tuesday, April 29. The hit single "4 Minutes" has been making its way up the music charts since its release.

Save fuel, drive a hybrid

Gas prices are shockingly high. The prices may continue to climb over the summer. Consumers are looking for hybrids to elevate some of the cost of high gas prices as well as being more eco-friendly. According to J.D. Power and Associates, sales of hybrid and diesel-powered cars will more than triple by 2015.

Transforming the world one story at a time

Cabrini has launched a new book, "Stories of Transformation." The book is a result of a collaboration with Catholic Relief Services, Cabrini College and the Cabrini College Partnership Project at Norristown. The book was a year-long project in the making.


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