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Congressman Sestak leads panel discussion during visit to campus

Congressman Joe Sestak led a panel with three distinct personalities on topics ranging from the Iraq War to health care at Cabrini College on Monday, Nov. 19. The panel included Cadet Sgt. first Class Alfred Heyer from Valley Forge Military College, editor in chief of The Loquitur Kaitlin Barr and executive editor of The Delco Times, Phil Heron.

National survey reveals students engagement

Cabrini College will be issuing the National Survey of Student Engagement to first-year and senior students in the upcoming spring semester. The survey helps Cabrini College officials gather information about the students and how much they are engaged in different activities.

Speech reveals beliefs impact on power over the brain

Beliefs are important to the lives of many people and they have an extreme power over the one who possesses them. Andrew Newberg M.D., professor of radiology, psychiatry and religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, stressed the power of beliefs on the brain during his lecture "Born to Believe: God, Science and the origin of ordinary and extraordinary beliefs," in the Grace Hall boardroom on Tuesday, Nov.

Heated debate over birth control in middle schools

Birth control medications are now available to middle school students in Portland, Maine after school officials approved the measure. The measure allows students who attend King Middle School to obtain a wide variety of birth control medications without parental permission or notification.

AOL downsizes to keep from going bankrupt

When most of the world was being introduced to the Internet in the '90s, they were getting there by signing on with AOL. Just a few years ago AOL was the premium Internet service provider in the country. Today they are just a mere shadow of what they once were.

Halloween attractions disappoint many

October is the perfect time of the year to seek fun and thrills in the spirit of Halloween. But what if the fun and thrills become real fear followed by real discomfort? That's just what happened at the Valley of Fear in Feasterville, Pa. on Friday, Oct.

Jackpot: Free chips for prizes

Cabrini College looked like Atlantic City on Friday, Oct. 19 when the CAP board hosted "Casino Night" in Grace Hall. Students who braved the weather to come were treated to free casino games along with free sodas. Some of the prizes included Visa gift cards, a PlayStation 2, a digital photo frame, iPod speakers, DVDs and much more.

For love or money? The choice is yours

Do your homework, get good grades, take advanced classes, get into a great college-make money. Ok, so maybe people don't just come out and say it, but why else would they work so hard on getting that degree? According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Center Poll, 81 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds listed getting rich as either the most or second most important goal in life.

Where have all the study lounges gone?

Cabrini has achieved a lot of progress in the past few years and because of that progress they have begun to admit more students each year. But does Cabrini really have room for all of these students to live on campus? Well if they don't have room, they'll make room.

Apple and Volkswagon team up for possible iCar

It is hard to go anywhere nowadays without seeing an Apple product somewhere, whether it be an iPod or an iPhone. Pretty soon it may be difficult to drive down the street without seeing an "iCar" in the other lane. That's right, Apple Inc. and Volkswagen are in preliminary discussions of possibly building an iCar that would feature products from the omnipresent computer company.

Know your professor

Stephen Vallette, a math professor from Abington, Pa., is one of the new faces. Vallette earned a bachelor's in Bible and piano at Philadelphia Biblical University and then later went on to receive his master's in education from Arcadia University and Villanova University.


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