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After 8 months of construction, copper and clay replace roof at Grace Hall

Approximately eight months later, the Grace Hall roof has been restored to its original condition. It could have been sooner, however, a shipment problem delayed the completion. The roof was replaced with clay tiles and copper drainpipes in the place of a shingle and rubber roof.

The importance of being family: new traditions

Everyone should be proud of his or her family and should never feel ashamed about its flaws. No one has the perfect family life. I am proud of my family and never felt embarrassed of my parents or thought they were doing a horrible job while raising my older brother and me.

Hostages held for simulation

Margaret Beauchesne, a professional hostage negotiator, demonstrated a true procedure in a hostage situation on Wednesday, Nov. 24, to students in Dr. James Hedtke's class. "After seeing movies, people think it is just one person getting the hostage out of the situation.

Psychology students inducted into Psi Chi

One of the largest groups of Cabrini College students was inducted into the national honors society in psychology on Wednesday, March 20 in the Mansion dining room. To be inducted the student must have a grade point average of a 3.0 overall and in psychology, to take four courses in psychology, major or minor in psychology.

Commencement Kick-Off quickly approaching

What used to be last year's Senior Send-Off is this year's Commencement Kick-Off. For the "kick-off," every office on campus will be in the Dixon Center for the graduating seniors to check on things before graduation. Administrative Coordinator for Student Development Nicole Nordberg is running the event.

Second Saturday Club formed to discuss ideas

Dr. Romano, professor of philosophy, has started a club on campus called the Second Saturday Club. "The Second Saturday Club gives the students a chance to share their ideas and opinions on things," Romano said. The club meets the second Saturday of each month on the fourth floor in the New Residence Hall.

When to attend graduate school depends on field

No one really knows what their future holds for them, especially college graduates. Graduate school is a possibility depending on what direction you would like to take. Another choice would be to go right into the work place. Money is also a big issue for some people who cannot afford to further their education.

Party, parking and public safety change not for the better

After reading Catharine Hernson's perspective "Public safety cracks down hard on athletes," I realized that public safety is cracking down on everyone since last semester. You would think that public safety would be harder on the students in the first semester of school since we are just coming back from a three month break and a little more lenient in the second semester.

Kick Your Fake ID To the Curb On Your 21st Birthday

The 21st birthday is the birthday that is the most memorable and sometimes the hardest to remember. People celebrate their 21st in all different ways. A lot of people rent out buses out and load them up with their friends and hop from bar to bar. Others go out with a small group of friends, mostly because they are one of the first to turn 21, like junior Kate McDonald.

Sealed With A Kiss

A box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box, a dozen of long-stem red roses, the kiss-kiss bears and jewelry. All of these things are the ritual Valentines gifts. If you really care about your special someone maybe a homemade gift from the heart would be a nice touch, not to mention a surprise.

Color It Yours At Color Me Mine

Christmas is right around the corner and the shopping begins. If you are looking for a reasonable and memorable gift, Color Me Mine might be just be what you are looking for. Color Me Mine, located at 109 W. Lancaster Avenue, is a ceramic store where anyone can go in and customize a piece.

A Time For Giving and Thanks

Dissect the word Thanksgiving. A time of thanks and giving is what it boils down to. It invites people to donate their time. Here's your chance. There are many things that could be done to contribute to the true meaning of Thanksgiving. If you have clothes you do not want anymore or some extra canned goods, donate them to a local church.

Cross country runner motivated by team

Photo courtesy of Marketing and Communications department Kristin Zielinski, a senior, has been running Cross Country since she was in the seventh grade. She… Read More

Wax and A Wick

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Funky Finds At Food Source

Almost everyone has heard of apple butter. But how about mango butter, red raspberry butter or even Marion Butter? If you have or even… Read More

Speed bumps inquires

Speed bumps. I feel as though there are more of them than there are students on campus. I realize that they are put on… Read More

Last Week’s Results

Review of last week’s sports events. Men’s Soccer The men’s soccer team played Wesley on Sept.23 and won with the score of 3-1. The… Read More


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