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Bad habits give clues to behavior problems

A habit can be defined as an acquired behavior pattern that is regularly followed. Habits can be good, bad or even both. However, bad habits tend to have a strong hold on both mind and behavioral patterns. They can also be hard to break, as most college students probably know.

Loving your car isn’t as crazy as it sounds

Owning a car is like owning a pet. Besides being huge responsibilities, they become a part of our everyday lives. Think about it- we clean them, feed them, yell at them when they act up and sometimes we even name them. But why do we treat them this way? I bought my first car just a few months ago and already I feel as though we have bonded.

Vegetarian lifestyle hard to come by for students

When senior sociology and psychology major Laura Barber walks into Jazzman's Caf

Investment watch: ‘America’s most convenient bank’ proves to be a student favorite

Commerce Bank is one of America's best-known banking franchises. Commerce provides a distinctive banking experience for its customers. As a result, it is known as "America's most convenient bank." According to, the bank's "have it your way" technique stresses the importance of providing customers with convenient, as well as quality financial service "whenever, wherever and however.

Hot spot of the month: Philadelpia Art Museum

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is by far one of our country's greatest historical and cultural landmarks. Whether you're there to perfect your Rocky impersonation (admit it, you've thought about it) or to admire countless works of art, the art museum is the place to be.

Injury riddled Cavaliers thrive despite hardships

Men's and women's cross country has been well under way. Spirits are high, but according to Coach Tom O'Hora, they are "still in rebuilding mode." According to O'Hora, the biggest problem for the Lady Cavs has been injuries and sickness. "We have yet to have our whole team run at the same time," he said.

Dance team prepares for ‘Madness’

Cabrini's dance team kicked off its first practice on Sunday, Sept. 17, beginning a new season. Though they don't debut until the end of October, they eagerly anticipate getting out there and showing Cabrini what they've got. According to the team's two captains, senior finance major Christine McLaughlin and junior marketing major Alyssa DiPietro, the team lost some members due to graduation and transfers.

Fall ball in gear

The men's lacrosse team is gearing up for a new season. The team has captured the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference championships six years in a row, and they're ready and set to start playing again. The team has a pretty tough schedule, but their practices show that they work hard and don't slack.

Extreme Text messaging devalues face-to-face human interaction

"They're texting!" Does anyone remember that T-mobile commercial from a few months ago where the parents are trying to prevent their children from sending text messages to no avail? Sending text messages has been the thing to do for a while now, but is constant texting considered addictive? Childalert, an on-line parenting advice service, said that keeping in constant contact with people is a form of addictive behavior.

Sex shouldn’t be a race; No prize for first to lose it

Sex. It's funny how such a small word has such a big meaning to most people. When I was growing up it seemed that sex was everywhere, particularly on television. I remember watching shows where high school and college students were having sex like it was nothing, just something to do on a Saturday night.

Know your professor: Dr. Raquel Green

Dr. Raquel Green joined Cabrini this semester as a professor of romantic languages and literatures. Green was born in Argentina in the capital city of La Pampa, a province in the interior of Argentina. Green describes growing up there as a wonderful experience, although "small town" despite there being nearly 70,000 inhabitants.

Tips for green living

According to, there are many little things a person can do in their daily lives that are considered "green." Check your local traffic report before leaving the house. Slow traffic contributes eight times as much air pollution on a daily basis than traffic that moves at a steady pace.

MP3 and media-players: what to look for when buying

Nowadays everyone is going somewhere and their music is going with them. Apple's iPod, Creative's Zen Plus and SanDisk's Sansa Fuze. All of these are examples of mp3 players that are currently out on the market. There are so many different kinds of portable MP3 and media-players today that it is nearly impossible to choose from.

Latest Celebrity Gossip

Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z allegedly tied the knot on Friday, April 4 in New York. The couple has not confirmed the wedding but took out a marriage license on Tuesday, April 1. The fourth is apparently a significant day for the couple, as they were both born on the fourth of the month, Beyonce in September and Jay-Z in December.

Plot line tangle on October Road

It has been a long and winding path down "October Road" this season. On Monday, March 10, ABC aired the two-hour season two finale in which several of the season's plot lines were either wrapped up or tangled up. The finale kicked off with Hannah being arrested for assaulting Ray's ex-wife, Christine earlier in the season.

Not another typical love triangle film

Based on the novel by Phillipa Gregory and adapted for the screen by Peter Morgan, "The Other Boleyn Girl" delivers a tale of the very nature of seduction, betrayal and ambition. The film follows the story of Henry VIII and his many wives, a concept we have seen before in films such as "A Man for All Seasons" and more recently in the Showtime original series "The Tudors.

Top 5 Web sites

As a junior in college it's easy to believe that I spend most of my time on the computer using the internet. Sometimes it's for work but most of the time it's for play. These are some of the sites I go on when I'm bored or just flat out procrastinating: Fanfiction.

New-aged technology for emergencies

This semester, Cabrini has implemented a new emergency notification system. This system utilizes text messages as a means to alert students and staff members of any dangerous situations on campus. I think that this is a good idea on Cabrini's part. There have been many dangerous incidents at Cabrini in the past few years and the campus needed to find some way to be able to reach everyone.

The Melting Pot: making fondue fun

The face of dining out is changing. Instead of a typical three course meal, The Melting Pot, a popular fondue restaurant, offers an interactive dining experience for its customers. The best part? Being able to play with your food! Customers of the Melting Pot can expect a cozy and romantic atmosphere with its low lighting and comfortable booths.


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