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Program promotes social justice

An inmate of 60 years said, "I was mad at myself; my mother with Alzheimers never understood why I never came to see her anymore," and one of the few times he would still be emotional about being in jail was when she would say, 'How come you never come to see me?' These are the facts about real people, real stories and real pain.

End of an era: Dr. Antoinette Iadarola

"Cabrini will forever be in my heart," Dr. Antoinette Iadarola, known as Toni by friends and colleagues, said in her reflection of 16 years spent at Cabrini. During those 16 years she has aided in educating students in values on the common good and conducted a comprehensive fundraising campaign called "10,000 hearts capital campaign.

‘Greener’ changes on campus help, not solve

Recently for a class I was given a challenge to monitor my usage of water for one week. Then for the next week, significantly reduce the amount of water that I use comfortably in order to help the environment. I discovered that I am careless. Due to the other results in my class, I discovered we care very little about the extent we excessively use our water resources.

Cabrini shows its talent with ‘Godspell’

Lighting, humorous anecdotes, light-hearted music and Jesus placed together combined the powerful musical of "Godspell" under the direction of Dr. Thomas Stretton, Jr., assistant professor of education. Due to the tremendous demand for tickets an eighth show was added.

Teenage violence becomes rising trend among young girls,

An evil eye for a grimace, the shouting of malicious words for glaring stares from a classmate and a uncalled-for swift kick to the keister for stealing the boyfriend of the most popular girl in school. Teen girls have begun to develop violent tendencies throughout the nation's schools.

Students advocate good deeds by “paying it forward”

Waking up from a surgery to the sound of an opening door and then being distracted by a dance of fuzzy light that creeps along the ceiling as sight returns and the vivid image of the white walls of the hospital room emerges. Feeling returns once again as warm blood flows into your toes and throughout your body as you remember why you're laid out in a hospital bed.

Tourism spotlight: Oh, Canada!

Strange colored taxis, turning 19-years-old will get you anywhere and following the metric system. These are just some signs that Americans are not in the United States anymore. Canada, the northern neighbor of the United States, or neighbour as they would say, provides a tourism destination for Americans.

MiCoach: personal trainer to the masses

So far cell phones can play music, surf the web, send instant messages and allow people to talk trans-continentally. What else can cell phones possibly do? According to recent reports, cell phones are now able to be our own personal trainers that will follow us around the gym wherever we go.

Students experience the first major Frida Kahlo exhibition in 15 years

Ugliness transforms into beauty at the Philadelphia Art Museum's exhibition of the Mexican-born artist Frida Kahlo. The exhibition is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist. It will be spotlighted at the museum from Feb. 20 until May 18.

Godspell premieres at Cabrini

A former Broadway rock musical will be presented at Cabrini College in the theater located in Grace Hall to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Godspell, the rock musical, is based on the Gospel of Saint Matthew. It will be the first musical that Cabrini has staged in a long time.

Rough economy hurts all

My mother just lost her job. For me she is now the face of those unemployment numbers we hear every few weeks. The United States Bureau of Labor has reported that in February 2009, the unemployment rate had reached an alarming 8.1 percent nationally. Ten years ago when my mom started working at a construction company as an accounting clerk, the unemployment rate was 4.

‘Once On This Island’ to awaken Cabrini

As winter comes to an end and spring awakens, many students, professors and faculty alike are dreaming of far away places much warmer than here. This semester, Cabrini's theater department is prepared to take audiences away to a warmer setting for free. The cast and crew will present "Once On This Island" on March 26-29 and April 3-6.

National Women’s History Project produces ‘Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet’

Women have fought for their own civil rights and the chance to be equal among men in the workplace, school and in the social world. With such a rich history they have been awarded the whole month of March as "Women's History Month." Each year since it has been established it has adorned a theme through the National Women's History Project.

Facebook users win battle over networks’ legal terms

Recently Facebook fought and lost a battle to consumers about jargon they used in their new legal terms of use. It was found in the terms of use that the Web site is allowed to keep users' content and licenses, even if the account is terminated. After a barrage of complaints, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive, has agreed to allow Facebook users to have an active say in the revision of the legal terms.

El Salvadoran advocate and writer visits

Renowned Salvadoran novelis Horacio Castellanos Moya, author of "Senselessness," visited Cabrini College's campus for a book reading and signing on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Teledrama comes alive

Cabrini College's theatre will open its doors for the fall production of "12 Angry Jurors" Thursday, Nov. 6. "12 Angry Jurors" was written by Reginald Rose in 1957 and portrays 12 angry jurors who are placed in a tiny conference room where they have to decide the fate of a minor's life.

Noted Catholic scholar from Notre Dame to speak about debated political issues

As the election comes to a close this week, voters search for answers from political experts. On Thursday, Oct. 30, the Rev. Richard McBrien, noted author on the subject of religion and politics, will be providing views on election issues at 7 p.m. in the Mansion at Cabrini College.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct. 16, 2008 is National Think Pink Day to raise awareness for breast cancer. Since the '90s, the incidence of breast cancer has increased. Fewer women, however, have died due to the preventative measures people can take. October is breast cancer awareness month.

Multicultural sorority opens new chapter

Five of Cabrini College's sophomores are hoping to change the stereotype associated with the word "sorority." Delta Xi Phi, a multicultural sorority, is under a one-year trial period and is now accepting pledges for Cabrini's chapter of the organization. Dana Sciamarelli, math and secondary education major, said, "We want to better the community we live in, not have huge parties.

Teachers debate privacy of formal evaluations

Students now have the opportunity to evaluate their favorite, and least favorite professors online and on paper. An article from Inside Higher Ed reports a study by two professors at the University of Maine on the correlation of the results of ratemyprofessors.


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