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Ryan’s story

“It’s a journey of getting to know my own self and becoming more comfortable. It’s just the same basic journey everyone has.”

Looking for love, just like us all

Sex trafficking is said to happen in every city, even in the small towns no one suspects; no area is entirely safe; no woman, no child, is spared from the real threat of trafficking.

Campus biases must be faced head-on

At Cabrini, we’ve experienced these racial insults and the exploitative injustices that they bring in tow – but what do we do from there?

Community is essential in hardship

There’s something to be said of the community support of Bascelli through his battle. Support is an often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of any struggle.

Students must experience the unknown

It’s not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to step outside of their comfort zone, to exceed their own boundaries and participate in something larger than themselves, than their families.

The hunt for the dream job: it’s a journey

Whatever the case, our dreams always start the same: big, bold, and beautiful. But what they boil down to, what they lead to, is a path of further self-discovery that doesn’t end just with their pursuit.

Working in a rapidly changing field

A job in communication in today’s world isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago – or even five years ago. In an industry that’s changing faster than ever before, how do you remain competitive with a four-year degree that could be obsolete the minute it’s printed?

‘Development is the new word for peace’

Once you’re willing to weed through the stereotypical Miss America contestants, who shine their pearly whites and mutter thoughtless devotions to world peace, you’ll see that there are actual advocates doing the heavy lifting, in the trenches, often out of sight.

The Catholic social tradition: a larger call to a pluralist community

CRS acts contrary to this stereotype of Catholicism. It presents itself in less restrictive terms and tells a different story – a story of interfaith cooperation, one which calls us to participate in a pluralist society and set aside our differences in order to advance the common good.

’98 alum’s advice to student borrowers: ‘make a financial plan’

Hollie Havens '98, an English and communication major during her undergrad years at Cabrini, faces a remaining $30,000 before she'll be clear of her 15 years of student debt.

Take action: Vote

Last week’s faculty panel opened up a great discussion about the upcoming election, emphasizing the need for citizens to participate in their government –… Read More

It’s time to step up our foreign policy

After watching Tuesday’s town hall debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, we at the Loquitur were left with a lot of unanswered questions.… Read More

Editorial: Big Bird, Barack, Mitt and YOU

For many of us, this November will be the first time that we’ll get to vote in a presidential election. We’ve tuned into the first debate, possibly Googled our way to deciding whom we’re voting for, and most likely retweeted a few Big Bird memes. So now what?

Make the federal budget Faithful

As Americans, we’re conditioned to see church and state as mutually exclusive. We’re told that our democracy will crumble unless we keep religion out of government. But once the two are separated, are they still equal?

Now, more than ever, we must look to the Middle East and North Africa

Over the past two weeks, the assaults and protests that erupted throughout the Middle East have proven one thing: this area, in the midst of such radical transformation, should be our particular concern.

CRS leader says protests ‘could just be the beginning’

Recent attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions throughout the Middle East could signal the end of clashes between Arab Muslims and the western world – or herald many more conflicts to come, according to a Catholic Relief Services expert on the region.

Actual immigration reform requires a face, a name

Both speakers, during their presentations, stood in front of the mural of immigrants on the wall in Grace Hall. This backdrop is why their visits were so important: immigration is our identity.

Government is ‘broken,’ cardinal says

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles, Calif., encouraged students and faculty to see immigrants not as "others" - but as themselves.

Arrest suspects police reports

Two arrests were made on-campus on Thursday, Aug. 30. Separate articles about both arrests appeared in the Wednesday, Sept. 5 issue of Main Line Suburban Life. Permission was granted to quote heavily from the publication’s official police reports on these crimes.

Editorial: An individual vote represents an individual perspective – exercise that

The past two weeks have seen many a milestone for both Republicans and Democrats. If you found yourself tuned into either of the parties’ conventions, then you’re well aware of how different the rhetoric has become in certain respects – and, in other respects, how it’s remained the same. For those who didn’t tune in: if Michelle Obama’s toned arms and Ann Romney’s tame niceness aren’t enough for you to base your vote on come November, keep reading.