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D.C. trip aims to strengthen bonds, campus diversity

The Office of Student Diversity will be hosting a trip to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, March 31. All students, faculty and staff are open to attend.

Parent calls for understanding from future educators

Brian Mengini, a Schwenksville, Pa. parent, held an informative and groundbreaking discussion about sensory processing disorder in the Grace Hall boardroom on Thursday, March 22.

Parent advocates for ‘invisible disorder,’ childrens’ dreams

Brian Mengini, a Schwenksville, Pa. parent and advocate for special needs children, will be holding a discussion on March 22 in the Grace Hall boardroom about sensory processing disorder (SPD).

News Briefs | Issue 19

Syria posed to reconstruct constitution   On Sunday, Feb. 26, a referendum on a new constitution was held by Syrian officials whose promises of… Read More

It’s a Major Decision: no need for discrimination

As a communication major, I face a lot of opposition in my chosen field of study. For some, it’s our “lack of real curriculum”;… Read More

In America, more individuals live alone

Dr. Eric Klinenberg, professor of sociology and communication at New York University, presented at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania on Friday, Feb. 17.

Blogroll: Gorilla vs. Bear

A blog dedicated to providing its readers with "stuff selected by people with respectable eardrums," Gorilla vs. Bear represents just one distinguished voice within the cyber-haystack of emerging and evolving music.

Play showcases memories of war

The MN Players ran the last showing of their production of "Necessary Targets" on Saturday, Feb. 4.

Application of the Week: Wolfram Alpha

Able to perform hundreds of thousands of algorithms and with linguistic capabilities reaching into the thousands, the $2.99 Wolfram Alpha application is able to bring the most complex, objective knowledge to your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

News Briefs | Issue 16

Prop 8 voted unconstitutional by federal court California’s infamous Proposition 8, a law that constricted the State Constitution’s definition of marriage to only parties… Read More

Ryan’s story

“It’s a journey of getting to know my own self and becoming more comfortable. It’s just the same basic journey everyone has.”

Looking for love, just like us all

Sex trafficking is said to happen in every city, even in the small towns no one suspects; no area is entirely safe; no woman, no child, is spared from the real threat of trafficking.

Campus biases must be faced head-on

At Cabrini, we’ve experienced these racial insults and the exploitative injustices that they bring in tow – but what do we do from there?

Community is essential in hardship

There’s something to be said of the community support of Bascelli through his battle. Support is an often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of any struggle.

Students must experience the unknown

It’s not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to step outside of their comfort zone, to exceed their own boundaries and participate in something larger than themselves, than their families.

The hunt for the dream job: it’s a journey

Whatever the case, our dreams always start the same: big, bold, and beautiful. But what they boil down to, what they lead to, is a path of further self-discovery that doesn’t end just with their pursuit.

Working in a rapidly changing field

A job in communication in today’s world isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago – or even five years ago. In an industry that’s changing faster than ever before, how do you remain competitive with a four-year degree that could be obsolete the minute it’s printed?

‘Development is the new word for peace’

Once you’re willing to weed through the stereotypical Miss America contestants, who shine their pearly whites and mutter thoughtless devotions to world peace, you’ll see that there are actual advocates doing the heavy lifting, in the trenches, often out of sight.

The Catholic social tradition: a larger call to a pluralist community

CRS acts contrary to this stereotype of Catholicism. It presents itself in less restrictive terms and tells a different story – a story of interfaith cooperation, one which calls us to participate in a pluralist society and set aside our differences in order to advance the common good.

’98 alum’s advice to student borrowers: ‘make a financial plan’

Hollie Havens '98, an English and communication major during her undergrad years at Cabrini, faces a remaining $30,000 before she'll be clear of her 15 years of student debt.