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Flyer fans, hockey fans mourn loss of season

After a long day of classes, I come back to my room, do a little homework, go to dinner, do a little more homework and then sit down and watch some television. I flip around to the different channels. Nothing is on. I go to turn on Comcast Sports. An excitement suddenly takes over me.

Lady Cavs dive into first meet

With a tough loss to the Notre Dame Gators, the Lady Cavaliers still managed to make a big splash in their first swim meet Saturday, Nov. 6, kicking off the start of the 2004-05 season. The team, whose inaugural season was last year, scored 88 points as opposed to the Gator's 114 points.

Soccer player anticipates long recovery

For a person who has been playing soccer for her entire life, sitting on the sidelines and not being able to play has been difficult. Mary Remoli, the leading scorer in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference for soccer last year, has been forced to sit out the rest of this season due to a knee injury.

Cabrini to sponsor blood drive

According to the American Red Cross, whose motto is: "Together, we can save a life," even in good times, the nation's blood supply is fragile. Cabrini College is jumping in to help save lives by sponsoring a blood drive on Nov. 1 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Grace Hall Atrium.

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Students unaffected by LaSalle rapes

It is seven o'clock on Thursday night. Most students are "pre-gaming" for the Thirsty Thursday festivities, but 22 year-old Melissa Landrin, a senior elementary education major, is walking back from class to her apartment. As soon as she arrives, there is a certain aura in the air.

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Students unaffected by LaSalle rapes

It is seven o'clock on Thursday night. Most students are "pre-gaming" for the Thirsty Thursday festivities, but 22 year-old Melissa Landrin, a senior elementary education major, is walking back from class to her apartment. As soon as she arrives, there is a certain aura in the air.

Vote smart

OK, I know what you all must be thinking, "Not another stupid article about the election!" But this one has a slight twist to it. I promise that I won't talk about either candidate specifically, because I respect everyone's opinion that is different than mine.

Cultural scholar to present at Cabrini

A visiting professor from the North African country of Tunisia hopes to dispel stereotypes and promote understanding between his Islamic country and western views. Dr. Iben Rhaiem, a Tunisian professor of American studies at the University of Sfax, said, "I want to tell them that if ever our religions agree on one thing, it should be the condemnation of the killing of the innocent civilians regardless of their religious and cultural affiliations.

Image or issues?

Republican candidate George W. Bush battled head-to-head with Democrat John Kerry on issues of foreign policy, homeland securit, and the biggest controversy, the War in Iraq last Thursday, Sept. 30th. The debate is the first of three scheduled before the election on Nov.

Laver given new position

A new position developed to focus on the areas of public education on issues of Catholic social teaching and student leadership development has been awarded to Dr. Mary Laver, who was officially named the director of programs for Applied Catholic Social Teaching.

Graduate learns “quality over quantity’ as an English and communication major

As a 2006 English and communication graduate of Cabrini College (not University, as much as the administration yearns for it to be labeled so), I am disgusted, annoyed and flat out upset about the decision to tear the English and communication department apart.

Luxurious to cheap, vacations to fit all budgets

Tired of the ordinary vacation? Not to say Wildwood, N.J. isn't a great time, there are just so many alternative vacation ideas for groups of friends to take this summer that may not be the obvious first choice. Try taking a road trip across the country. It will take about a week to get to the west coast, which gives leaves another week to get back to the east coast.

Life’s lessons learned

In just a few short weeks, I will say goodbye to this fine institution. Not only will I be saying goodbye to Cabrini, I will be saying goodbye to Ashley "The Student" and saying hello to Ashley "The Real Person." So as my final send-off, I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned over the past 18 years of my education beyond the books.

Priest shortage creates problems

In May of 2005, a 20-year-old graduate of Strath Haven High School left St. Charles Seminary. Robert Bowie entered the seminary at 18 not knowing what he wanted to do. He left at 20 not knowing what he wanted to do. "I've convinced myself that I left because I wanted to see other things and not because I was unhappy," he said.

CSM journalist released after three months of captivity

Jill Carroll, a 28-year-old freelance journalist for the Christian Science Monitor, came home April 2 to the United States after being freed by her Iraqi kidnappers on Thursday March 30. She was in captivity for 82 days. According to the CSM, Carroll said, "To be able to step outside anytime, to feel the sun directly on your face, to see the whole sky.

Freese’s passing impacts hearts

In a scorching hot room on the third floor of Woodcrest Hall in August 2001, Cristin Marcy met Jackie Freese. "A bubbly, curly-haired Jackie came over and introduced herself as my neighbor. I knew that she was someone that I was going to be friends with," Marcy said.

Leave the peanuts at home

I love peanut butter. It is one of my favorite foods. I can't imagine not being able to eat peanut butter. I can't imagine that eating peanut butter could kill me. People who suffer from food allergies, more specifically peanut allergies, have to constantly watch what they eat because they fear deadly consequences.

College students falling very fast into debt

As "The Graduation March" lingers in the background, I am surrounded by my peers, and tearful parents, especially my own. It is Sunday, May 21. The weather is gorgeous. Birds are singing in tune. The sun is shining. It is graduation day, the long-anticipated event in which I have been preparing for my whole life.

Cabrini bands rock at Philadelphia’s Trocadero

Headlining their first show at the Trocadero, On the 8th Day, along with openers Alrtucide and Arcas to Ursa, filled the halls of the Troc's balcony with heavy metal and rock music on Sunday, Oct. 16. The three groups performed to a sold out crowd. Opening the show was the band Arcas to Ursa.

Cabrini student’s band headlines major local venue

To all those heavy metal and hardcore music fans out there, check out Cabrini's own On the 8th Day, who is headlining at the Trocadero's balcony bar on Oct. 16, 2005. Tickets are $10. On the 8th Day is comprised of lead singer Pat Hill, a junior criminal justice and sociology major, guitarist Eric Herbster of West Chester, bassist Brian Marchesani of Springfield, and drummer Gabe Falgie of Springfield.