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Operation: Nintendo Wii style

Move over teddy bears, dollies and fake plastic telescopes, there's a new way to play doctor that's sweeping the nation, in the form of a Nintendo Wii console. "Trauma Center Second Opinion" many say is not only worth the price of the game, but the price of a Nintendo Wii to go with it.

Spring Fling: not looking back

Every year since I've been at Cabrini, we've had a giant weekend bash known as Spring Fling. As much as I enjoyed the inflatables and concerts, I could only see the weekend as one big drunk wonder for the majority of the students. Although fun and entertaining for those who were "sober" sometime during the weekend, Spring Fling was an excuse for many people to tie one on.

Girls play games too, video games that is

It's no doubt that women have been on a long road to dominating government positions, athletic fields and the workplace. Next up, an old boy's club: video games. Many are unaware of the new gaming revolution geared towards female gamers of all ages. Females are found to play on many different gaming systems.

The wait is over, the iPhone is here

It's official, Mac is back. It started with the musical revolution in the form of an iPod, and now has moved to cell phones with the long awaited iPhone which has become the talk of the nation with it's new innovations. Steve Jobs, CEO of newly named Apple Inc.

Sweeten the deal

One of the sweetest days of the year, Valentine's Day, gives a sugary toothache on such a love-filled day. Candy hearts, pink and red M&Ms, boxes of chocolate, among other sweet treats represent true love between couples. One of the more traditional candies are the famous candy hearts made by NECCO.

Graffiti upsets student

As I get ready start my day of classes, meetings and other miscellaneous errands, I am stopped dead in my tracks in the doorway of house five by one of my residents laughing and mentioning something being painted on the outer wall of my house. Much to my disgust, there is a giant, anatomically correct, red spray-painted penis on my house.

Unprepared students force colleges to compensate

Graduating high school seniors applying to national colleges should be concerned with one thing; hitting the books, a study conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute said, according to The Golden Gate, San Francisco State University's weekly newspaper.

New cell phones create stiff competition for consumer’s attention

Cell phones went from the "want" category to the "need" category over night, and for that reason companies are now in stiff competition to make real life at the customer's fingertips by adding new features and physical characteristics to their phones. Motorola is now taking their piece of the pie with their new smartphone, called the "Motorola Q.

Need it, want it, gadgets for college students

From palm pilots to high tech computers, they all have one thing in common: every college student has them or wants them. Just in case the average Joe is missing out on the latest and greatest inventions, here's a little help. Most college students are consumed with a media montage of music, videos and pictures.

Pick your poison

College students everywhere can agree that alcohol has one true effect on them: drunkenness. But what those same students may not know is that they are hurting their bodies now and it could lead to harsher consequences later on in life. Alcohol is known as a nervous system depressant.

Best Week Ever

Google me this, Google me that! Google is now one of the largest search engines on the planet and has beaten out competition from Microsoft and Yahoo together. Although nothing is set in stone, there are many theories where Google will go next. The sky's the limit, and Google will soon be there too! They now have contracts with NASA for research projects, nanotechnology and the entrepreneurial space industry.

Improving yourself inside and out

Many students have the desire to get in shape, reduce stress and succeed in school but many do not know how to start on the right path, or they are just spending all of their time going down the wrong path. The head of the college's health services says that students should be doing things like getting enough sleep at night and not smoking to prevent stress from getting worse.

History of Horoscopes

Horoscopes are some of the most entertaining and exciting features to magazines, newspapers and other written articles, but who believes in them and why are they so important to some? Horoscopes have a vast history from the information we get from the alignment of the planets to the symbols of the zodiac.


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