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COVID-19, social media linked to increase in K-12 student fighting

Melissa Cosgriff, a fifth-grade math teacher at Upper Merion Area High School for 15 years, walked through the hallways on her lunch break. She… Read More

Ukrainian local stresses the importance of education and what inspired her to create a fundraiser

In 1998, Nelya Naida’s parents met in Ukraine. Both were born and raised in the country and six months after the birth of their… Read More
Photo of Onlyfans creator

Top OnlyFans Creator details her experience using the platform

At 15-years-old, she was submitted to local modeling agencies in Oregon and started to do local work for Nike, Adidas and some other brands.… Read More

A Valentine’s Day gift guide for friends, family and significant others

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now might be considered a good time to start thinking about what to get for that special… Read More

Can we cancel ‘cancel culture?’

Olivia Jade. Kevin Hart. Logan Paul. Rachael Kirkconnell. What do they all have in common? They’ve all been canceled at one point during their… Read More

Content creator explains her journey from small-town girl to mass following and how social media influences her everyday life

17-years-old, sitting at a desk in high school, jotting down what she wanted her hometown photoshoots to look like.  Today, she has over 310,000… Read More

The Jordan Center’s Dr. Colleen Lelli and Dr. Filling-Brown receive a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice

There was elation, excitement and even some screaming. These were the reactions of the director of the Jordan Center, Dr. Colleen Lelli and Associate… Read More

Students launch campaign to advocate for change

Sprawled out, markers in hand, students created posters to be spread across the Wolfington Center. Behind their initiative is the hope for people to… Read More

Cabrini senior shares her success as a transfer student

If you would have told freshman year me that I would have made it to my senior year of college, I never would have… Read More

‘Only Murders in the Building’ is a killer new comedy crime show

“Only Murders in the Building” debuted the first three episodes of season one on Aug. 31, streaming exclusively on Hulu. It currently has 100… Read More

10 places students can work on campus

Cabrini Campus Store   SEAL Office   Holy Spirit Library   Diversity Office   Mailroom

Instagram’s new tactic to no longer view likes will have a negative impact on businesses and influencers

According to The Guardian, Instagram is going to stop others from viewing how many likes another post has gotten. This is a big concern… Read More

What’s the rush? Students explain why people tend to hop right into Christmas before acknowledging Thanksgiving

  Once Halloween is over, people tend to not mention Thanksgiving until the day of and just focus on Christmas the whole time. Sometimes… Read More

Sexual violence awareness stickers should be placed in all bathrooms, regardless of gender

Editor’s Note:  This story was removed due to a lack of confirmation regarding factual details.  The Loquitur apologizes for this ethical mistake. 

Overloading students with too much homework takes a toll on their mental health

Not all professors always take into consideration what students have going on outside the classroom and what they might be experiencing personally. This may… Read More

According to students, Greek life should be implemented on campus

Greek life is commonly displayed in the media as key part of the college experience. Greek life consists of sororities and fraternities, which are… Read More

Transfer students from larger universities find it easier to adjust to a smaller campus

Transferring from a large university to a small university may seem like a challenge. However, transfer students who came to Cabrini don’t find it… Read More

Students and librarians complain about outdated computers and printers at the library

At the Holy Spirit Library, the computers in the library are outdated and the printers barely function. Students and staff across campus have expressed… Read More

Life Without Her

One day, she was just gone. No goodbye. Absolutely nothing left. My mother left me when I was nine years old. I only saw… Read More
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