Allie Stein

Senior communication major with a passion for writing, storytelling and speaking. Member of the women's swim team, former staff writer, assistant lifestyles editor for Loquitur and head sports anchor for LOQation Weekly News.

Articles by Allie Stein

College Debate 2016: College students organize nationally, hope to have a voice

In the history of all presidential elections, have college students ever had the opportunity to come together and formally share their thoughts and opinions… Read More

New position gives Beacham a front row seat for historic Villanova win

“To see people emotionally losing it after a shot like that goes down and Villanova wins a National Championship for the second time in… Read More

West Chester to Chester: Serving and spreading love

19 miles away. It took a tragedy to bring two cities, just 19 miles apart, together. West Chester, Pa.  has a high school graduation… Read More

Cabrini’s comedian: Katina Corrao laughs her way to success

Katina Corrao will never forget her very first Loquitur assignment, a story about the Blue Route. “I cried for three days,” Corrao said. “I… Read More

Gender inequality in the workplace: The wage gap

Everyday is payday?  Not so much for women. American Association of University Women (AAUW) defines Equal Pay Day as the symbolic day when women’s… Read More

Internships: How are they helping students?

  According to Forbes Magazine, 69 percent of companies with 100 or more employees offered full-time jobs to their interns in 2012. Many college… Read More

When dating, can verbal abuse be more severe than physical?

Editor’s note: Some names have been omitted to protect certain sources’ privacy. “You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and every time you… Read More

Picture perfect: Caked on makeup or a fresh face?

Nowadays, you can find girls as young as 10 or 11 with faces full of makeup. When I was 10 or 11, the only… Read More

Eating disorders: are students skinny or starving?

Editor’s note: Some names have been omitted to protect certain sources’ privacy. Boiling to Death “There’s an expression about a frog that defines my experience really… Read More

Cabrini’s changes: Students reflect on how the college has evolved

Becoming a university, a completely renovated gym and a much more crowded campus are only some of the major changes Cabrini College is undergoing.… Read More

What were professors like as college students?

It is kind of strange to think that the very people who are giving us our education everyday were students too, once upon a… Read More

Baby benefits and childcare: How the U.S. takes care of new families

Becoming a full time parent in the United States can be one of the most difficult jobs a person can take on. The Family… Read More

Students express the meaning of piercings to them

Almost every little girl patiently waits for the day that she can get her very first pair of earrings. Most college-aged girls probably remember… Read More

’90s TV series making an even ‘Fuller’ comeback

“Cut it out!” You’re not fooling anyone but yourself if you’re not willing to admit that you know that classic line is from the… Read More

Sleeping beauties to brave beauties: The evolution of the Disney princesses

Fans of the beloved Disney princesses have been swooning over tales of happily ever after for decades now. The fascination with these fictional ladies… Read More

Cupid’s courses: 2016 Valentine’s Day trends

Got a bae? If so, expect to definitely be spending some serious cash on Sunday, Feb. 14. Between flowers, chocolate, dinner and gifts, Valentiene’s… Read More

Eat less, drink more: Scary trend takes campuses by storm

An average college student will take in about 900-1,200 calories from one night of drinking alone. Sound like too much? It is really not.… Read More

Partnership offers new opportunities for students

As the 2015 fall semester was coming to a close, new opportunities for Cabrini students were just beginning. As of December 2015, Cabrini has… Read More

Female college coaches can do it all

The world of professional and college sports is publicized as a male-dominated career. Often times, public opinion puts women below men in the ability… Read More

Changing my mind and my major

On move-in day of my freshman year, I stood in the bookstore with my mom purchasing all of my books for my elementary education… Read More


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