Athlete profiles: Lisa Kqira

By Kendall Neil
December 5, 2002

Steph Mangold

Name: Lisa Kqira

Sport: Women’s Basketball

Year: Senior

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Norriston, Pa.

High School: Norriston High School

How long have you played basketball: I’ve been playing basketball since I was 10.

How did you get involved in basketball: It started when I used to play with all the boys in the neighborhood. Then I just started playing in different leagues when I was 10.

What’s your favorite kind of food: Pizza!!

What’s your favorite holiday: Christmas

Who’s your favorite singer: Jay-Z is defiantly my favorite rapper.

What’s your favorite TV show: Probably “Friends.”

Who’s your favorite Cabrini professor: (after a long pause…) Dr. Girard.

What are your future plans: I want to become a teacher and then I really want to end up

coaching basketball. It’s going to be tough when I have to leave, so it will be a good way

to stay involved in the sport.

Do you have any advice for your team: I would say to just stay close and positive

throughout our season.

What are your personal goals: Obviously to graduate and play my best year yet.

And no matter what happens this year, I want to leave it on the court.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who or what would you

bring with you: I knew you were going to ask that question! Well, I would go to an

island, I’m not sure which one, but some place warm. I would bring a basketball, of

course, and a man.

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Kendall Neil

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