Athlete emphasizes benefits of fitness and working out

By Staff Writer
November 11, 2005

If you’re an athlete at the collegiate level, your workout habits and fitness level are very important factors in determining your performance on the field. If you go to the Dixon Center now a days you are bound to see a decent amount of Cabrini athletes taking advantage of the gym facilities by either running around the track, swimming in the pool, playing squash or pumping iron in the weight room.

As most athletes know, the way you train determines how you will perform once the season comes around. What you do in the off-season could determine your team’s success throughout the year.

Usually off-season workout programs are not as strict for Division III sport as they are for Division I sports, but it seems that Cabrini is starting to turn the page on that subject. It seems that the athletes are partaking in activities all year around in preparation for the year ahead.

In my case, I have to work out at least three days a week in order to fulfill my off-season lacrosse workout program, which I really do not mind. I also know that other teams on campus have similar off season and in season workout programs designed for their given sport.

The question that disturbs me is that aside from the athletes, the neighborhood people who belong to the gym and the handful of students that go to the Dixon Center religiously, other students on campus should take advantage of the Dixon Center facilities.

A lot of the time, students don’t go to the gym because they feel that they do not have a reason to, but in all reality, everyone has a reason to go to the gym and workout. A person’s fitness level is a very important thing, especially at this age because the way you treat your body now could be the stepping stones for the way things are done in the future.

This question has been a concern among the staff at the Dixon Center. It has been said that staff members always see the same faces around the gym and it is rare that they see any new ones.

The Dixon Center has something for everyone and it just does not make sense why everyone doesn’t take advantage of it. Even if you go and walk around the track for a little bit or play squash, at least it is something.

In today’s society, people should be taking care of their bodies. We know more now than ever before about ways to become healthy and stay healthy. Today, Americans are bigger than ever and everyone should make it a priority to exercise and take care of their bodies.

If you do not have a sport or a reason to be working out and maintaining a healthy body, consider doing it for yourself.

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Staff Writer

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