As one door closes for Dr. Halbert, another one opens in Cabrini’s backyard

By Brittany Liberatore
October 14, 2005

Jerry Zurek

Dr. Harold Halbert, a former professor at Cabrini, is now teaching at Valley Forge Military College. Halbert began to see Cabrini moving in a different direction from him and his career. Although he loves the students and faculty here, Halbert did not see eye to eye with Cabrini’s administration.

Halbert taught at Cabrini for five years. When he went up for his review with the administration, he was told that he was not doing enough research in his classes. It was recommended that Halbert improve his teaching methods and spend less time with his students.

These remarks upset Halbert because he saw nothing wrong with the way he taught at Cabrini. Halbert asked the administration what the college’s expectations were for their professors. He wanted guidelines so he could try to understand the remarks that were made against him. However, he found none because they don’t exist.

For Halbert to have remained a professor at Cabrini he would have had to do something that he wasn’t willing to do: change his teaching methods.

While holding on to his love for Cabrini, Halbert had to take his career some where else.

“I found it a small miracle that I was given the opportunity to work at Cabrini. It was the hardest thing to walk away from,” Halbert said.

When Halbert’s time at Cabrini ended, he was sent announcements over the internet about various teaching opportunities. One announcement was from Valley Forge. As Halbert learned about the school and the people there, he became more interested. He seized the opportunity to work at Valley Forge and is extremely happy he did so.

Valley Forge encourages the professors to get involved with the students. This was one aspect of the school that Halbert could not wait to be a part of. He enjoys the unique aspect of teaching at a military school and admires all of his students. “Just like Cabrini, there is such a wide range of students here,” Halbert said.


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Brittany Liberatore

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