As campus costs rise,

By Staff Writer
September 15, 2006

As the cost of Cabrini continues to soar every year, I find myself asking “why?” I love going to Cabrini College; it is everything I expected it to be.

It’s a nice campus, the classes are small, I’ve had all good teachers thus far, and it’s just an easy environment to be in.

What makes me upset about the campus is that I have the feeling that it is catered more toward the tourists than to the actual students that live here. Sure, Jazzman’s is nice and I was impressed with it when I took a tour of the place. The new flat screen televisions in Founder’s Hall are nice, and Sandella’s looks like it’s got some good food, only I have yet to see any regular channels on those TVs and I haven’t seen any food from the new addition in Jazzman’s. Are those a few of the reasons the cost goes up each year?

The point I’m getting at is that the students pay close to $36,000 to go here each year, yet the bathroom in my house doesn’t have toilet paper, soap or paper towels, and the air conditioning hasn’t been on yet, not that I can feel anyway.

Also, the food’s not bad, but it’s all the same things day in and day out.

I think a little more variety is in order. I’m just left wondering why my house still doesn’t have the simple things we need on a daily basis, but there are glossy new toys hanging up in Founder’s? If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Staff Writer

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