As COVID-19 cases rise, Cav’s Corner and The Grill change policies

By Anthony Pietrewicz
December 9, 2020

Cav’s Corner, Cabrini’s cafeteria, along with The Grill, have transitioned to take-out only for the time being leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. This change comes from the sudden rise of COVID-19 cases popping up on campus over the past few weeks. With 11 active cases on campus, 10 being among students and the other being one lone employee, Cabrini faculty and staff appear to be taking all precautions necessary to keep as many people safe as possible.

“That’s such a drag, I like going to the cafeteria for dinner with my boys,” sophomore accounting major Mason Smith said about the closures. Smith, among many other on-campus students, is disappointed about the changes that have been made to both eating options on campus. 

Photo credits to Mark Finley

Sophomore and human resources major Krista Baumeister also gave her opinion on the matter. “I think it’s for the better. I don’t want to get coronavirus so I am fine with eating my food in my dorm room.”

She understands the severity and gravity of the virus. She knows the importance of being safe and practicing effective social distancing. Baumeister respects the decisions made by the higher-ups of Cabrini. She said she hopes “the number of cases drops” as a result of the closings.

Sophomore communication major Eric Monaghan is indifferent to the whole situation. “I rarely, if ever, get my food from the caf so it does not bother me in the slightest.” He has already been following the regulations so this will not change anything for him.

All food must be taken to-go whenever a student wants to get food on campus. They will be given a box and bag for their food as well as assorted plasticware and condiments. The “all you can eat” style of Cav’s Corner suffers because the students are not able to return to get more food without having to come back in and use another meal swipe or pay the full price. On the other hand at The Grill, many students already take their food to go but it is a sign of the times to see the whole eating room deprived of any tables or seats. 

The goal of closing these locations is to reduce the number of small group gatherings on campus. This is not the only change to campus life though, according to the latest COVID-19 Task Force email. Restrictions have also been put in place regarding the mailroom, the library and gatherings. Any resident who fails to comply with the rules set in place by the housing staff will “lose housing privileges for the remainder of the fall semester,” something nobody wants.

Photo by Jyair Fields

The closings are examples of the staff and faculty of Cabrini taking every opportunity they have to combat COVID-19 cases on campus and prevent the possibility of any avoidable outbreaks. Students have the right to feel safe at school and Cabrini is doing everything in their power to ensure that right is upheld. The students living on campus and off-campus are encouraged to understand that the rules set in place are not there to hold them back from fun, but rather they are for the health of the whole community

The new rules on campus are being strictly enforced. It can only be speculated on how much longer the restrictions will last.

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Anthony Pietrewicz

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