Art students design innovative projects

By Staff Writer
October 31, 2002

Chris Jones

Inventions such as the wrinkle free waffler created by junior Anita Pirri and the tailgator created by senior Tiffany Platt can be found in the new art studio located in the Widener Center.

A wrinkle free waffler steams your cloths and makes gourmet waffles so you will never be pressed for time in the morning any longer. If cooking and cleaning just isn’t your thing, then maybe what you need is the tailgator, every man’s dream recliner while tailgating with the boys. It comes with a personalized chair along with the colors of your favorite team. Chair includes TV, radio, speakers, grill, umbrella, table and fridge.

Graphic design professor Richard Wagner, who teaches the three-dimensional design class, said, “I give them loose assignments and see where they go with things.” Previous assignments included different techniques using plaster, foam, clay, wood, foam cord and wire. One student even found left over insulation behind a building that the class used to carve anything they wanted out of it and then paint it afterwards.

Senior Jen Ferrell, a studio art major, said, “It is basically the manipulation of different materials and learned techniques to combine several types of abstract three -dimensional structures or the creation of the objects using these techniques. In the example of the wrinkle free waffler and the tailgator, Wagner had the students think of a morphing of two types of appliances to create a new useful and creative one as well as an accompanying “infomercial type of add.”

So far projects have included the projection of a persons face made out of a box, a three-dimensional object made out of foam board, a face designed entirely out of wire and of course a an invention designed out of two or more appliances. Wagner says, “During the middle of class I will give the students a break and most of them will continue working, they really get involved in their projects.”

The student’s three-dimensional artwork which have included a helicopter and a life size phone, can be found on the second floor of the Widener center in a showcase displayed in front of the lecture hall and the hallway that continues after.

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Staff Writer

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