Art show unveils senior accomplishments

By Katie Clark
April 26, 2007

Meghan Hurley

This past week many students were able to show off their talents at the senior art exhibit.

The Senior Art Exhibit is taking place in the Holy Spirit library on the second floor. The grand opening was this past Sunday from 3-5 p.m., and the student’s pieces were hung up all week.

At the opening, all the students who produced these pieces of art were there. The students were dressed in their best and talked about their pieces to anyone interested. In the next room, the department had finger foods and beverages set up for everyone who joined. Many teachers and staff members were there to support their students, as well as many families.

“This is an impressive show the students have made here. They have all done outstanding work all year long,” Professor Don Dempsey, chairman of the graphic design department said.

There were many paintings but most of the work was more along the lines of graphic design. There were pieces for advertisement, knowledge, contributes, etc. The students used their imaginations to come up with all types of different ideas.

One of the pieces was senior graphic design major Mike Dignen’s piece on his box of “Fruity Chews.” This box of candy that Dignen made up was taken from the idea of Mike and Ikes. Dignen spent many hours sketching out his idea of the little candies and fruit people.

“It is definitely my favorite project I have ever worked on so far,” Dignen said.

Another piece that stood out was senior graphic design major, Nick Michetti’s “Joe Terror” piece.

“I based my piece on my notes from Dr. Hedtke’s classes and was able to write the article on them alone,” Michetti said.

Michetti is in one Dr. Hedtke’s history classes and decided to take the points he made in class and expand on the idea into a magazine article. There were three pieces that senior graphic design major Barbara Johnson produced. Each of her pieces were done very well considering she has only been in graphic design for two years. She was very proud of her “Raven” piece. Within this piece, she made a raven out of words that made up a story.

“I never thought I could learn all this in two years from being a transfer education student,” Johnson said.

The students put a lot of hard work into their pieces of art and were very anxious to show them off to everyone who showed up. “The graphic design pieces have come of age, the work of these students is outstanding,” vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Guerra said.

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Katie Clark

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