Are you feeling lucky?

By Cristin Marcy
October 17, 2002

Chris Jones

Lucky Bamboo, a tropical plant, is supposed to bring luck to those who possess it along with greater harmony and a more positive life experience. This is the new extreme craze that just might replace the rabbit’s foot.

Lucky Bamboo, which is sold at a stand in the middle of the King of Prussia Mall, is not the type of bamboo that you would find in your back yard, but from the sub-tropical area of Asia. Lucky Bamboo has been bringing people in Asia good fortune for more than 4,000 years. The reason it is supposed to bring luck is because it represents the four natural elements of the Middles Ages- earth, air, fire and water. Fire is represented by a red ribbon that bunches stalks together, earth and wood which brings balance into our surroundings. All of these elements are the factors in which we are to receive luck and a better life experience.

Lucky Bamboo is valued as a perfect symbol of the wood element, which is defined by tall, thin, straight growing plant that never curves or curls. This element is said to have an authority on life energy, expansion, vitality and substantial activity. Wood is one of the most important elements that allow one to have a more a positive aspect of life along with additional knowledge. “Bamboo plants are very decorative and they bring luck,” Morgan Monago, biology major, said. “And I need it.”

In addition, the Asian tradition teaches for a certain number of stalks; there is an attraction to a specific wisdom behind it. Three stalks attract happiness, five stalks attract wealth, seven result in good health and 21 stalks offer a very powerful all-purpose blessing. Freshman Danielle Dorsey said, “I would want a plant in hope of it to bring me luck. I would especially want the one with seven stalks.”

If maintenance is not your thing, it is all right because Lucky Bamboo is extremely easy to take care of. It has the ability to adapt and grow in all different conditions. Only water is needed. They require very little light or fertilizer. Lucky Bamboo is very happy with filtered or distilled water as the only necessity for this tropical plant. There is no need to ever transplant them or put them in soil. Lucky Bamboo can live up to 10 years, even with inadequate care. However, some people may not want a plant that lives that long. Stephanie Ciarrochi sophomore said, “I find the plants especially interesting and attractive, but it makes me nervous that they never die.”

By using creativity, bamboo plants can be utilized and arranged in many different ways. The traditional way is in a decorative glass pot with just water. They can be used as house plants to make a room peaceful, or they can even be planted in the ground outside to be used as landscaping and keep the bad spirits away from the house. One might even place them in a flower arrangement to add originality to those otherwise boring plants. Senior Ashley Graham actually created her own bamboo-themed bedroom at home. “I love bamboo. I went to Ikea and got a bamboo wall hanging that I put behind my bed. I painted the room green and have bamboo plants all over,” Graham said. “I just got back from Puerto Rico and I got to see bamboo growing in the rain forest. I loved it.”

If you are in the market for a new plant or you are just a superstitious person who enjoys trying new things, perhaps you would want to look into buying an Asian Lucky Bamboo plant. Good Luck!

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Cristin Marcy

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