Are students satisfied with their pay from on-campus jobs?

By Hanna Hyland
October 25, 2020

Taylor LaPergola, junior marketing major, posing for the Cabrini Admissions Instagram page Photo Credits: Instagram

Being a college student can often be a stressful and difficult task. In addition, many students also are working an on-campus job. As students arrive back to campus, often coming from a summer job, some choose to continue working throughout the school year.

Cabrini offers a variety of jobs for students including working in the Admissions office, tutoring classmates, lifeguarding, serving at Cavalier Express Center, working in the Dixon center and much more.

Two forms of on-campus jobs are available to students. One is Federal Work Study, and these jobs are based on financial need. A second type of jobs are jobs that are not based on need.

Taylor LaPergola, junior marketing student, has worked as both a student ambassador  and lifeguard since her freshman year. Right now she is only working as a student ambassador and has just moved up in her position to a “team leader.” Her shifts include giving tours to prospective students, filing and inputting information and answering phone calls. 

As an ambassador, LaPergola gets paid $8.50 an hour. In the admissions office, there are different levels of involvement. LaPergola said, “A group of us have worked more consistently than others including working over the summer and during winter break and I feel that sometimes we aren’t always getting the recognition we deserve.”

With a new status as a“team leader,” LaPergola is able to get more consistent hours. She said, “I think I earn that” even though her hourly pay has not increased. 

A perspective students tour being given by a Cabrini Ambassador Student Photo Credits: Instagram

Regan Hoyt, junior English and secondary education student, is also a student ambassador. She said, “obviously in any job there are people that do more than others, but I think overall for all the ambassadors we are getting paid enough for the amount of work that we do compared to other jobs on campus who may make more.”

Julia Klos is a junior accounting major who works as a subject area tutor for Accounting 210 and 211 classes. She works two, one-hour shifts a week, virtually tutoring students over Blackboard Collaborate. Klos said, “Each shift is a little different than the next depending on what the student needs help on, so it all depends on the student.”

This is Klos’s first year as a tutor and she is making $7.25 an hour, which she believes is a fair amount. Klos said, “As a subject area tutor we are each only able to work two hours a week, which is due to the fact that there are so many of us and they have to make sure they distribute their money equally.” “Sometimes it is hard that I am only allowed to work two hours but the pay rate is fine for what I am asked to do as an employee at Cabrini.”

Cabrini Students with with a subject tutor in The Holy Spirit Library Photo Credits:

Denise Johnston is the director of human resources at Cabrini University. Johnston said that the pay rates for student jobs on campus exist for a number of reasons, “including past history, part job duties, part budgetary, and part federal work study pay scale.” Johnston also said, “The structure of student compensation is not as uniform as it is for regular staff.”

Now, many people may have their opinions on on-campus jobs and if they feel they are getting properly awarded for the amount of work that is done, but overall students seem to be happy that they are given the opportunity to work while still being a full time student. 



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Hanna Hyland

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