Are over protective parents raising more rebellious kids?

By Janelle DeSouza
November 18, 2015

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Students discuss the differences between over and under protective parents. Graphic designed by Janelle DeSouza / Staff Writer

Some students at Cabrini have strict parents while others are not so strict.

Those who admitted to having protective parents seemed to want more freedom while those whose parents were not protective wanted more structure rather than freedom.

Rory Early, a junior, said that he calls his parents more now than he did his freshman year.

“It’d be like probably a month and a half before I’d call and that’s just to say like, ‘hey, I’m getting ready to come back for break,’” Early said.

Although some freshman are usually “checked on” more than they are in their later years at Cabrini, some get a closer bond throughout the years and decide to talk to their parents more.

“[I had] lots of freedom when I was a freshman,” Early said.

Early has parents who instead of worrying about what he does at all times, took the initiative to raise him to be independent and trust worthy.

“A big rule has just always been, ‘if you don’t feel you can tell mom and dad about something that you did, you shouldn’t be doing it.’”

“If I knew that there was something they didn’t approve of, I wouldn’t participate,” Early said.

Some students would rather have more freedom but Early disagreed.

“It’s kind of weird not having parents to say that this is okay to do or that’s not okay,” Early said.

Serena Cooper, sophomore psychology major, says that her parents are very involved in her life.

“Education wise, they’re very involved,” Cooper said. “They want to know everything, like my grades. They have access to my Cabrini One information so they can check my grades like whenever.”

Cooper said that in high school her parents were worse.

“You know how when they set it [a cellphone tracker] up, the system sends you a text to your phone?” Cooper said. “I literally got a text saying, ‘you have a tracker on your phone.’”

Cooper said now that she is able to pay her own bill they are not able to track her.

Students know that their parents raised them to be great despite the over protectiveness or lack of protection.

“They’re strict [but], they just like want the best for me,” Chrissy McCollum, freshman said.


Janelle DeSouza

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