A question of faith in troubled times

By Eugene Iacovelli
April 25, 2002

There has been much discussion over the sexual abuse scandal that has turned the Catholic Church upside down. Many of the allegations span decades of abuse, lies and cover up by church officials. This puts a negative spin on what the church is supposed to stand for. Many Catholics are left standing around feeling as though they have been lied to and the fact is they have been. So, the question is, what are we to think of priests today?

For some hearing about the news of a priest molesting a young boy seemed lie old news. It was something people joked about, but you were the one afraid to laugh. The fact is the media and many other political officials knew what was going on for years. If anything the cover up of priest molestation could turn out to be bigger than what most people expected.

Since priests molested children and then were most often moved to another state to commit the same crime again violates all natural laws of decency that exists. When I was a child we were taught that priests were the closest living thing to God, but what have happened to his messengers? By all accounts high – ranking church officials should be tried under the same laws used to put mobsters away for life. Whether it is a priest or a hoodlum, anyone committing such horrific acts of child abuse and then protecting themselves and others from prosecution by lies and bribes should face real justice. Even though it is hard to see the good in so much bad, we must try. Not all priests are child molesters. Some are hard working individuals that have dedicated their entire live to not just serving God but also serving all of mankind. It is easy for the media to point out all of the wrong doings of the Roman Catholic Church. But when was the last time a newspaper or a television program spotlighted a priest that has done good and has made a difference. Think about that the next time you hear something bad about the Catholic Church.

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Eugene Iacovelli

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