April Fools

By Elyssa McFadden
March 31, 2005

April Fool’s Day is an international holiday in which people trick their friends and family by pulling silly stunts. From childhood, everyone knows about this holiday and many soon come to the realization that no one can be trusted on this day, not even a best friend. Several wonder where this holiday originated from and how the tradition of pulling pranks got associated with it.

The answer is still unknown but there is one belief that is concluded by many. When the western world came up with the Julian calendar, the New Year began on March 25. It was celebrated on April 1 so it wouldn’t interfere with Holy Week. When the Gregorian calendar came about in the 1500s, the New Year was changed to January 1.

According to a popular belief, the beginning of April Fools Day was about those who still believed that this day marked the New Year. It is said that French peasants would unexpectedly drop in on neighbors in hopes to confuse them into thinking it was a call of the New Year and after a few years became a way to test patience of others.

April Fools Day is now considered a day in which there are no rules or limits to what can be done. Some believe that any prank done after noon on April 1 can be reversed and bad luck can be drawn to the prankster. Others think that the worst case scenario of tricking someone on this day is that the person that they pulled a prank on will be temporarily mad at them.

Despite what is true or what isn’t, one fact that remains is that some people love April Fools and some people hate it. It is agreed that clever, fun pranks should be done as opposed to malicious, mean tricks.

Some popular practical jokes are putting food coloring in drinks, pointing up at the sky in a crowd of people pretending that one is looking at something and see how many people start looking, and pulling a friends chair out from underneath them when it is least expected .

No matter what your plan is for April Fools Day, keep your friends in mind and don’t do anything too mean. April Fools is meant to be a fun, innocent holiday that makes everyone laugh.

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Elyssa McFadden

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