Appreciating path paved by parents

By Kellie Belmonte
December 3, 2004

There are a few certain people in everyone’s life that have made a significant impact. These people have always been considered our heros or the people we looked up to and wanted to strive to be like. The person I always claimed to be this was my father and it’s easy to see why.

My father grew up poor and spent his whole life working hard, trying to make money so he could support his family. He didn’t go to college, but he self-taught himself everything. He hit the jackpot when he was offered a job as the President and CEO of a major hotel chain. He took that job and became one of the most important people in the hotel industry. He made millions of dollars and gave his family the lifestyle that he never had. He did great things for charity and has always been very well-liked.

I love my father more than anything and I know he loves me. However, through all the years and all that time, there was someone even more dear to me and I haven’t realized until now who the real hero in my life is.

My mother also grew up poor in a big family. She didn’t finish college but ended up working along side my father, which is how they met. They went on to get married. My mother quit working once me and my brother were born and she became the real caretaker of the house. Everyday she cleaned for my family. However, housewives probably wouldn’t be considered to be someone you look up to, right? I have realized that that is so completely untrue.

My mother is my hero. My mother was the one who drove me to my gymnastics practices everyday for years. My mother has always been there to listen to me when I needed to talk about friends, boyfriends and just life in general. She was always my shoulder to cry on.

She helped me shop for a prom dress and helped me apply my makeup to make sure I was the most beautiful girl there. My mother was the one who helped me pick out a college, took me to buy all my college supplies and helped to decorate my room when I got there. She’s always cleaning up after me, making sure I have money and making sure I’m happy.

I have never once really appreciated it. I want to apologize to her now and let her know how much I love her and how wonderful I think she is. Mom, you’re my real hero. I’m sorry I didn’t realize it until now. I love you.

Before you make rash decisions about who you want to look up to, think about the people who have really been there for you and who really helped you to become the person you are today.

It may be the most unobvious person, but realize that they are there. And make sure to tell them, so they never forget how great and wonderful they are.

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Kellie Belmonte

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