Application of the Week: Evernote Hello

By Jeny Varughese
March 21, 2012

Ever have trouble remembering important details? If so, Evernote Hello is the perfect app to download.

This new and improved app allows users to keep track of everything from contact lists to important events all in one place.

Evernote Hello lets you capture and save all photos of recent contacts you met in a picture montage. Also, you can add details about your initial contact information.

With the release of Evernote Hello, there is no need for business cards or a Rolodex. Evernote Hello allows easy storage of all your business contact information.

After downloading the app, fill in your contact information to share with others.  Evernote Hello lets you input a customized message for others to see as well.

The purpose behind Evernote Hello is to interact with people you meet. If you are not comfortable handing your phone over to the other party,  you can easily enter their contact information. When entering information, Evernote Hello allows the person to input their name, take a snapshot and add related contact information that they wish to share. If the person enters their e-mail address, Evernote Hello sends them an email with your contact information.

Evernote Hello saves the information in a chronological order based on initial contact rather than in alphabetical order.

This app also lets you pull information from your address book and add it into Evernote Hello.

Evernote Hello syncs to your Evernote account to see all related notes. Although you can access the information on Evernote, in order to make changes, you need to access the information on Evernote Hello.

Evernote Hello is an easy-to-use application with a simple and clean dashboard.

Evernote Hello is available for a free download on the app store and Android market as well as Blackberry devices.

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Jeny Varughese

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