Apple updates laptops

By Samantha Bokoski
October 30, 2008

Shannon Keough

Mac is back, “Redesigned, Reengineered and Re-everythinged.” On Tuesday, Oct. 14 Apple released the next generation of laptops.

“I worked all summer to pay for my MacBook Pro. They use the best, up-to-date software and are the new technology of the future,” Jake Neary, freshman elementary education major, said.

The new MacBook is thinner, sleeker and top of the line. To purchase one of the new MacBooks, one will have to spend more than average. A 2.0 Gigahertz will easily cost $1,300 and a 2.4 gigahertz will cost $1,599. Why would a laptop have such an incredible value?

All the value is due to the internal design of the MacBook. Mac decided to literally sculpt the new MacBook from a solid block of aluminum. Aluminum allows the laptop to become a light 4.5 pounds. The button-less touchpad is not only a scrolling option in the new MacBook; it becomes a way to scroll, point and click. The Mac employees behind this new evolution said they took away anything unnecessary.

Samantha Sauer, junior elementary and special education major, said, “The new MacBook would work well in classrooms with children with physical disabilities that hinder their fine motor skills.” The new MacBook seems to have opened up new possibilities and accessibility to individuals who were not able to work with technology before.

The idea of this laptop was to make everything simple and defined.

The creators behind the new MacBook produced what is called the “unibody.” The unibody is the heart of this unbelievable machine. It contains the new graphic processor and 16 support chips all in one.

The screen of the new MacBook is simply stunning and captures any individual’s eye when first walking into the Apple store.

The screen-now revamped is made of glass and LED lights. The LED lights permit the thin effect of the screen and the seamless picture.

Mac overall has made an unbeatable reputation for themselves, it excels from software to appearance.

Another feature that comes only with the new MacBook 13” 2.4 gigahertz, is an illuminated keyboard. The laptop is able to understand how dark or light a room is and when someone may need the keyboard illuminated.

The benefits seem endless; the new MacBook was also made with the environment in mind. To reduce energy consumption, the hard drive spins down when inactive. The LED light used for the desktop uses 30 percent less power and is mercury-free. In addition to less power and energy, because MacBook is so thin and portable it uses 41 percent less packaging and is highly recyclable.

The display of this new laptop is of course right when one walks into the Apple store. This new MacBook is everything impressive and beyond, beautiful inside and out.

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Samantha Bokoski

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