Apple’s new fall gadgets: smaller, smarter

By Michelle Moran
October 14, 2005

Flying off the shelves the new Apple iPod Nano and ROKR cell phone with iTunes are taking the Mp3 world by storm by introducing devices with amazing capabilities and stylish features. Apple has been dominating other Mp3 producers such as Sony and Creative ever since their debut of the original iPod in 2001. They continue to develop technologies and astonishing consumers of all ages.

The new iPod Nano is a sleeker and slimmer version of the rest of Apple’s iPod family. Updated features on the Nano include a barely-there size of 1.5 ounces in weight and a width of 0.25 inches, which is equal to the thickness of a pencil. Other fresh features include a vibrant color display, photo storage, a headphone jack located at the bottom of the player and flash memory which prevents skipping, giving the music player more durability for athletes or gym enthusiasts.

The Nano’s style is something that initially draws buyers to the product. The Nano comes in signature white and glossy black and also has the signature Apple scroll wheel in a smaller size. The Nano additionally has a line of sleek accessories such as stylish armbands for runners or people on the move that comes in four lively colors. Downfalls of the Nano might be that it is too small for some people, making it easier to lose or break because of its tiny build.

The ROCKR is a product of cell phone giants Motorola and Cingular who collaborated with Apple to bring us the first cell phone with iTunes. The ROKR allows music lovers to download up to 100 of their favorite songs on their phone through iTunes. The ROKR has the ability to easily switch from a phone to a music player and back through a dedicated music key. The phone will also pause music automatically when receiving an incoming call. Other features the phone has are a color display which you can use for album art and a built in camera with a flash and video recording capability.

The Nano and ROKR are top sellers all over the country and will prove to be two of the hottest electronic commodities in the upcoming Christmas shopping season. The Nano can be found on the Apple website, Best Buy or other electronic retailers that sell Apple products. The price range for the Nano is $199 for a 2GB size which holds up to 500 songs or $249 for a 4GB size which has the capacity for 1000 songs. The ROKR phone is available at Cingular stores and Motorola stores nationwide baring a price tag of around $250.

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Michelle Moran

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