Anti-fur protesters go Hollywood

By Erin Nollen
February 12, 2009


These days people can be judged for just about anything. When people in the public eye it gives people more incentive to judge them.

Recently certain celebrities on the Hollywood Walk of Fame were vandalized for wearing fur.

Sharon Stone, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Aretha Franklin star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have been vandalized by anti-fur activists.

These people have written things like “Fur Hags” and “Old Fur Hags.”

Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but is vandalism the way to go about things? Stone was the most recent star to be vandalized.

People’s opinions are free and allowed, but should these actions be tolerated? Did these anti-fur people take it too far?

PETA is a major anti-fur organization and they have yet to release a statement. How does PETA feel about this? Is this something their organization is proud of?

If people vandalized things for everything they didn’t agree on, then our world would be completely vandalized.

World Society for the Protection of Animals, an organization that focuses on animal cruelty, is against this type of defacement of property.

“We do not have an official position on this incident, but WSPA is opposed to the use of any illegal means, including vandalism, to advance the cause of animal welfare,” Lora Adomeit, said.

“We are supportive of the FFA and of their methods of campaigning against the fur trade, which does not include illegal activity,” Adomeit said.

She made it very clear that she her and her organization are completely against people wearing fur and people killing animals for their fur, she also made it very clear that they do not support the illegal acts that are taking place.

How far will these anti-fur people take this? How far is too far and whose going to be next?

If the vandals are caught, what kind of punishment will be given to them? How far will they go to get their point across.

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Erin Nollen

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