Another employee gone:

By Melissa Steven
April 14, 2005

Ryan Norris

A warm welcome used to greet the employees early in the morning in the Grace Hall Atrium, but that warm welcome has now left Cabrini unexpectedly. After 30 years, Ruth Scott, the telephone operator and receptionist in Grace Hall, resigned from her position.

Since August of 1974, Scott has dedicated herself to the Cabrini College community. She has made friends with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus over the years, and has made many new students feel at home by welcoming them to Cabrini.

Steve Colfer, the associate director of Admissions, said, “Ruth was like the grandma of Cabrini, everyone would stop to see her.”

“I really loved the place and the students there, I mean I worked there for 30 years. There are so many good people at the school,” Scott said.

“She would be very friendly and always happy,” Narmina Azizova, a senior student ambassador, said. “I do miss walking by her in the hallway because I’ll forget that she is gone and expect to see her.

“She’s greatly missed,” Karen Lash, admissions counselor, said. “A lot of students walk into the office and ask where Ruth is. It is weird going out into the hallway and not seeing her- she was definitely a presence. She was a sweet woman who always had good intentions.”

Linda Ross, financial aid office, said, “I am going to miss her. She had the best intentions for the students and was a great asset to Cabrini. I think she did a great job here, and a lot of the students miss her greatly.”

Scott always greeted student ambassadors as they walked in to start their shifts in admissions. “She was always a friendly face to see in Grace Hall,” Jacquelyn Flick, a junior student ambassador, said.

Maureen Plummer, admissions receptionist, summed Scott up into five words, “She is quite a lady.”

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Melissa Steven

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