Annual report says Iadarola makes $150/k

By Gina Peracchia
January 30, 2003

According to the Chronicle for Higher Education, President Antoinette Iadarola makes over $150,000 a year for her contributions to the college. So what exactly does her job entail?

The president is considered the principal executive officer and is in charge of all the decisions made for the college. Above her in the chain of command is the Board of Trustees, who determine the president’s salary based on what they see in the marketplace and what is “fair and equitable.”

According to the Bylaws of Cabrini College, each year Iadarola must report to the Board on the status of the college, as well as her achievements and what she plans to do in the future. They also give the president full power to employ and release faculty, administrative officers, and other members of the school’s staff, and determine their salaries. More importantly, she manages the affairs of the campus on a day-to-day basis and makes sure she is updated on every issue concerning the college.

President Iadarola has a campaign each year to raise money for different projects. This year she’s focusing on raising money for a Center for Science, Education and Technology, along with a new campus center, and new residence halls.

“There’s a staff of people who assist her, all under what we call the office of Institutional Advancement. They have an annual campaign every year. Every alum, parent, employee, and friend gets a letter soliciting a ‘gift,'” director of human resources, Mary Theresa Schwartzer said.

The fundraising campaign attracts different companies and businesses by telling them that they want to better prepare graduates to work in their profession. They need these new facilities to reach that goal, and to create these facilities corporations are asked to invest money into their building or project of choice.

Iadarola in the past has gone so far as to California for fundraising purposes. But, because many alums are in the tri-county area, most of her campaigning is done in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas.

Compared to other colleges and universities, President Iadarola’s salary is comparable to that received by presidents of comparable-sized colleges. The Board of Trustees bases their decision by looking at other colleges of this size and in this region.

There are 27 university presidents in “the half-million club,” which includes the presidents of the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Drexel University, and the University of Southern California.

The Chronicle of Higher Education also states that Cabrini brought in roughly $38 million to the institution in revenues within the past year. Most of that was due to student tuitions.

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Gina Peracchia

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