Anna Farris shows new side in ‘House Bunny’

By Jill Fries
September 11, 2008

Shannon Keough

In the mood for a cheesy chick-flick making humor of “dumb-blondes” and socially awkward sorority sisters?

“The House Bunny,” starring Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Katharine McPhee and Rumer Willis, is sure to make you laugh with the cute storyline and situations they are confronted with.

These up-and-coming stars, along with Hugh Hefner and his “Girls Next Door” girlfriends, did an outstanding job of portraying the shallow and superficial life of a Playboy bunny, played by Anna Faris, misguided attempt at teaching the socially inept girls to downplay their intelligence and upgrade their appearance.

Shelley has lived a carefree life in the Playboy Mansion when a rival gets her kicked out and she is out to fend for herself.

The beautiful, but slightly unintelligent Shelley goes out looking for a job and falls into a street of sororities and fraternities.

When she hears about the social misfits from Zeta Alpha Zeta, she right away wants to be their housemother.

Zeta is ready to lose their sorority house due to lack of pledges.

The girls recruit Shelley and she begins by teaching them about beauty, boys and how to be “popular.”

In one humorous scene, Natalie, played by Emma Stone, said trying to persuade her sisters to accept Shelley.

“Shelley knows how to meet guys-hence, we will learn how to meet guys.”

“Yeah, hence,” Shelley said.

A rival sorority, Phi Iota Mu, wants the Zeta house to enlarge their sorority.

After parties and fundraisers at Zeta, the pledges skyrocketed.

One Zeta told the girls how shallow they were being and how they were going against everything they believed.

The girls blamed Shelley and fired her from her housemother duties.

Shelley was accepted back to Playboy, but during a photo shoot, realized her Zeta girls needed her.

Phi Iota Mu stole Zeta’s pledges and the Zeta house was ready to be given to the “mean girls.”

Shelley showed up at the meeting to win back the house and was successful after a hysterical story explaining how, “My allergic reaction made me feel beautiful.”

Zeta kept their house along with adding 30 new Zetas.

By the end of the movie, all the girls realized the drastic changes they made to their personality and style were not completely successful, but slight improvements were made while maintaining their true selves.

Unfortunately for Shelley, intellectual improvement was hard to come by.

The stereotypical images of the “dumb-blonde” was all too appropriate when she was asked by her date, Oliver, who she would be voting for.

“I definitely won’t listen to what Simon says, he is just so mean. I usually always agree with Paula and Randy. Oh, you meant the president,” she said.

Girls, even guys, go out and get some laughs with “The House Bunny.”

You are sure to laugh and the cast is sure to become huge after this film.

So grab the girl next door and head to the nearest theater!

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Jill Fries

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