A new face on campus: Margaret Fox-Tully

By Judy Ventresca
November 29, 2001

The thoughts of uniting people together as one, remaining as a neutral individual, and the good feeling that she receives from her job all pertain to Margaret Fox-Tully. But who is Margaret Fox-Tully?

Fox-Tully has entered Cabrini College this current academic year as the Executive Assistant to the President. Fox-Tully claims that she was drawn to the position at Cabrini for various unique reasons. She also firmly believes that there is a strong future here at Cabrini for the staff and students, with also appealing energy that is generated throughout campus.

Fox-Tully originates from New Jersey, however, she currently resides in Ardmore. Fox-Tully has completed her undergraduate studies at Rutgers University. Following her graduation at Rutgers, Fox-Tully began to pursue her graduate work. She completed her graduate work at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Fox-Tully began her career teaching high school English and following that she began to teach at the college level.

Fox-Tully had been teaching for fifteen years, before she reached the opportunity to become an Executive Assistant. The opportunity to become an Executive Assistant had emerged when she was teaching at Harcum College. While she was a professor at Harcum College, the former president left and a new individual took the role of president. Fox-Tully began to help the newly appointed president with a process known as middle-states accreditation. The middle-states accreditation is a process initiated by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association. The Middle States Association is a peer-administered, non-profit, non-governmental organization of diverse institutions devoted to the highest quality education for every student, which is to accredit institutions and to ensure constant improvement of educational services. Through working with the President of Harcum College with this accreditation, she realized that she liked the work that was involved and was willing to apply for the available positions.

Fox-Tully comments that there are many tasks that entail the duties of an Executive Assistant. She describes how she aids the President with the trustees, the support staff, and members of the cabinet.

She also describes how her job is determined between the relationship regarding the president and the assistant. Fox-Tully said, “In this field, you learn how to become patient, because there is never a specific routine. There is always variety.”

Fox-Tully has shared many of her beliefs towards Cabrini with its strong future and appealing energy it provides. With the enthusiasm that Fox-Tully expresses towards Cabrini among its students and staff, she hopes it will continue to expose its positive attributes for many years to come.

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Judy Ventresca

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