Ancient remedy found to burn fat

By Katie Clark
February 15, 2007

Fort Worth Star/MCT

Many people have wondered what the big fuss is over the new popular drink, green tea. If you walk around Cabrini’s campus, you would most likely see at least one out of every five people drinking some brand of green tea. Many studies have been done to prove that green tea is very good for your body. Green tea has quite a few positive benefits that can benefit the body.

According to, Green tea has just started to become popular here in the United States; however, the Chinese have used green tea for medical purposes since the ancient times, about 4,000 years ago. Studies have recently started here in the United States, resulting in the finding of the many health benefits of drinking green tea.

According to, there have been many different studies performed in order to figure out everything that green tea can do for your body. In 1994, according to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, “By drinking green tea, you are reducing the risk of esophageal cancer by nearly 60 percent.” Later, the University of Purdue concluded from more tests that green tea has a compound within it that inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

According to, green tea has more polyphenyls in it than that of black tea. Polyphenyls are anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are found in most fruits and vegetables. We eat them or in this case drink them to reduce inflammation and to fight off infections.

Probably one of the biggest tests done for green tea was the experiment that was performed in Japan. Researchers studied 40,000 people between the ages of 40-79 over a time period of 11 years. In the end, research showed that the people who consumed more than five cups of green tea each day had a 16 percent lower risk of heart disease than of those who only consumed one cup daily. The only difference that came up was gender.

Women had a 31 percent reduction compared to the men’s 22 percent. Also more men who performed the experiment smoked than the women, and smoking cancels out everything that green tea can do for your body, according to

Green tea does the body good because it includes many good nutrients that in the long run can literally make your life longer.

“I buy a green tea everyday at Jazzman’s. I love the taste of it and knowing that it actually benefits my health, makes it so much better,” Lisa Romano, a sophomore criminal justice major, said.

Katie Clark

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