Anatomy of a college class

By Jesse Gaunce
April 5, 2011

Cabrini College’s signature slogan is “Do Something Extraordinary.” When you come to Cabrini, you have the chance to do just that. As students, we have incredible opportunities to succeed and to get on the right career path.

When I first heard about Cabrini, I was drawn to the fact that it was in a nice area, the class size and campus size weren’t overwhelmingly big and that I would be able to get to know my teachers on a more personal level. The teachers and faculty members really do care.

There are a few opportunities in particular that I have experienced in the year and a half that I have been here.

I am a communication major and I am in my third semester at Cabrini. For my friends in my major, as well as me, the opportunities are endless.

We have the chance to do hands-on type work that other colleges don’t offer. We can get our own radio shows, we can be a part of the news show called LOQation and we can even be actual reporters for the Loquitur. We are constantly told we are ahead of the game as far as our major goes, and we are not being lied to.

Some of my friends that are communication majors at other schools tell me how they have taken a public speaking course and nothing else because their schools only offer lecture-based classes. Their schools clearly don’t offer the types of classes that Cabrini does.

Another thing I love about Cabrini is the math department and you can call me crazy. I am one of those students who is terrible at math.

I often wondered how I was ever going to pass a college math course because I didn’t do particularly well in high school. The teachers in the math department could be the nicest and most helpful people on campus.

A lot of them give online-based homework that allows you to keep trying a problem over and over again until you get it right. They even show you how to do these problems step-by-step. Aside from the homework, the teachers are extremely welcoming and are more than willing to help anybody. They will work with you until you completely understand the material, which I think is great and very rare to see at a college.

Another great advantage some classes have, not just math, are the classroom coaches. If a teacher can’t meet with you to help you or whatever the case may be, the classroom coach is basically the second in command and can help you as much as a teacher could, so there are always opportunities to get help.

Another thing that I find that works to students’ advantage is that since the campus is so small, it’s not hard to find a good group of friends. I found mine within the first two hours that I stepped foot on campus for the first time.

As you expand your career path, you’ll meet new people constantly and develop great friendships.

I haven’t experienced every type of class on Cabrini’s campus yet, but my friends tell me the teachers they’ve had have the same mindset as every teacher I’ve encountered. It’s a refreshing feeling to know that people care about college students.



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Jesse Gaunce

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