An identity tested: University defends immigrants and refugees in face of adversity

By Molly Seaman
February 6, 2017


Founded upon social justice, the heart of Cabrini University beats to the sound of the diversity that flows through its veins.

Its very mission is given life by the students, faculty and staff of all religions, cultures and backgrounds. Our mission constantly challenges all of us and others to embrace our individual differences that make us beautiful as a whole.

To this we owe a gracious tip of our graduation caps to our namesake and patroness of immigrants, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, and all other fierce advocates who provided for us an opportunity to learn- no matter what our background may be.

Since becoming Cabrini’s president, Dr. Donald Taylor has worked tirelessly to make sure that students of all minorities would have the opportunity to receive an education of the heart.

People around the country protest in favor of allowing refugees into the United States. Wikimedia Commons – Haeferl

Taylor’s actions have included making Cabrini University a Hispanic Serving Institution, by partnering with organizations such as the National Hispanic Institute and Esperanza as well as by creating and strengthening partnerships with schools in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

However, on Jan. 27 an executive order was issued by President Trump that seeks to destroy the very oxygen our campus requires to breathe.

The national ban on immigrants and refugees challenges and quite frankly weakens to the core the very principles that this institution and country were founded on.

On Jan. 31, Taylor signed a letter of his own, promising to “continue to protect all of our students—each and every one.”

He continued by stating that Cabrini has always been a university that welcomes immigrants, refugees and undocumented students. Therefore, the university took the action of signing a letter from the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities promising not to voluntarily identify undocumented students.

Now more than ever, people are afraid.

As humans, we fear the unknown.

However, the people being targeted by the ban are not a threat. They themselves are fleeing from the very terrorism that we fear.

With more than 65 million refugees in our world today it is crucial for the United States to be a beacon of light, liberty and hope for all those that have been forcibly displaced.

Some of America’s greatest engineers, scientists, artists, teachers, philosophers and citizens found themselves to once be immigrants.

Our university thrives on the heartbeats of its students.

No matter where they come from.

On the dreams its students hold to be the next great citizens of this country.

On the told-you-sos of all those that were once deemed unwelcome.

On the success stories of those that were told they were not smart enough to receive a college degree.

Our university thrives on the diversity that flows through its walls.

And so does this country.

Loquitur Media stands in solidarity with Dr. Taylor, our readers and all of those protesting the injustice of this order.

Molly Seaman

Managing Editor of the Loquitur at Cabrini University. Colorado Born and Raised. 21 years old with a deep love for people, travel and education.

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