Americans decide in 2004 elections

By Christina Williams
November 20, 2003

Rob Cain

In this election President George W. Bush, R-TX, is focusing on homeland security, the economy and health care. Bush plans on making flying safer by training pilots to use armed weapons. More money will be allocated to upgrade homeland security systems.

Bush’s plan for the economy and health care are closely related and work off each other in the fact that he wants to make health care more affordable.

Senator Howard Dean, D- Vt., has a strict agenda to add programs and acts to give disabled people more rights. For example, Dean plans on funding individuals with the Disabilities Education Act, enact the Family Opportunity Act, provide technical support for those who are disabled and require federal agents to demand full compliance by protecting rights of individuals with disabilities.

Wesley Clark, D-Ark., a retired army general, plans on giving better health care, a better economy and better national security. For example, in the economy, Clark plans on saving $2.34 trillion over a 10-year period to reduce the deficit through increased governmental efficiency.

Candidate John Edwards, D-N.C., plans to cut taxes for the middle class, scale back tax on the wealthy, provide health care for children, allow the first year of college for students free as long as they work 10 hours or more, build up education, and restore foreign policy.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., plans to make a fresh start and make a fresher and newer America. Lieberman plans on doing this through creating jobs, reducing the deficit and balancing the budget, transforming the military to conform to the 21st century, and safe guarding social security.

Reverend Al Sharpton, D-N.Y., has a unconventional platform. Sharpton plans on raising issues such as affirmative action, increasing political consciousness, strengthening national security, declare right to vote and education as human rights and rejuvenate equal rights amendments for women.

Congressman Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., wants to enact programs like Matt’s Plan, which would provide health care for everyone; Apollo 21 energy plan, which would find a renewable energy solution;and the International minimum wage plan would protect American jobs.

Senator John Kerry, D-Mass., plans to expand health care, bulk up education education for all, expand access to quality childcare. For the economy, Kerry plans to prepare Americans for the 21st century job market buy opening doors of college for all, protect the American worker along with providing tax relief to middle Americans.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, plans to show the purpose of the government and its responsibilities to the American people. Among on those on 10-step plan are universal health care, full social security benefits at 65, withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO, repeal of the “Patriot Act,” the fifth is the right-to-choose, privacy, and civil rights, guaranteed quality education, pre-k through college, and a renewed commitment to peace and diplomacy.

Radio talk show host Gary Nolan, a Libertarian from California, is ready to see his party grow and succeed and to see libertarian ideas debated and adopted by others. Economically, he plans to limit the federal government to only the powers and functions originally set in place. Nolan thinks it is time to get rid of personal income tax and the IRS and downsize the federal budget. Nolan wants to bring our entire military force home.

Paul Glover, a message therapist from New York and a Green Party candidate, wants to address central concerns of average Americans for healthy food, clean water and air, for secure housing, for reliable health care and satisfying work.

Lorna Salzman, a Green Party candidate from California and one of the few female candidates, wants to ensure the water we drink meets certain standards and mandate environmental studies programs. She wants to require tax corporations to create a fund for retraining and relocating workers that have been fired when corporations move abroad and work for stronger regulation and oversight of corporations. Salzman would like to provide free prescriptions under Medicare program and ban universal single-payer health care paid through the income tax.

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Christina Williams

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