American flags fly off shelves

By Maria Chambers
October 11, 2001

Maria Chambers

Patriotism is on a rise in the USA. From rooftops to windows; from traffic lights to car antenna; American flags are flying high and in abundance. The terrorist attacks on our country have brought us to stand united through this unspoken symbol of freedom, peace, and patriotism.

September 11th was a tragic day in America. Precious landmarks were destroyed and thousands of people were killed. So to show our sympathy and support we raise the star spangled banner from our houses, cars, schools, and traffic lights. Flags are everywhere.

Walking down the streets of Wayne, Pa, flags are hanging from every street light, and every store has one in their window. Local residents have even put this symbol of unity on display in their homes and on their lawns. In the Window of a Barber Shop on Wayne Avenue, sits a boy getting his hair cut while facing a flag. Outside of Weichart Realtors hangs a flag. In the display windows of Wayne Jewelers and Silver Smiths is a flag resting in a beautiful floral arrangement. All of these stores have two things in common: They have flags in their windows, but not on their shelves.

Michael Squyers, Owner of True Value Hardware in Wayne said his store sold out of American flags three times since September 11. “We get a shipment of flags in every week, but in a few days we’re sold out again,” Said Squyres.

So, where CAN you buy a flag? ACME sells flags for $1.50 each as well as patriotic ribbons and bows. A flower shop on South Street in Philadelphia advertises “Patriotic flowers $3.50 a bunch.” Before the attacks in September, ACME did not sell flags, Flower shops did not sell “patriotic flowers,” and traffic lights did not have flags tied to their poles and waving in the wind. Patriotism has indubitably risen in our country and in our hearts.

Francis Scott Key poses the question: “O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” Clearly we can see that it does.

Maria Chambers

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