‘American Dreams’ provide parallels between two generations

By Elizabeth Brachelli
November 19, 2004

As college students, it is nice to know there are different things that relate to us. Even if it just something as simple as a TV show, like the Sunday night show aired at 8:00 p.m. on NBC’s, “American Dreams.” Running in its third season, the show reveals the young Pryor family living in Philadelphia during the 1960s confronting issues much like the ones we face today.

The Pryor family faces issues such as war, politics, struggles with everyday situations and temptations. Although there are many issues displayed, the show has its highlights with the well-known American bandstand portrayal starring music celebrities every week. The pop culture references of today complementing the ones of the past add even more interest to the show.

“American Dreams” is the ideal TV show for college students who are looking for something that relates to them. Besides that it is a good way to relieve stress on a Sunday night. The show relates to college students because it deals with problems that go on in college students every day lives.

One problem that is similar to the problems of college students that the show deals with, and is most exposed, is the war in Vietnam. College students today have to deal with the war in Iraq much like the characters in “American Dreams” had to deal with a war.

The war in the show is also very realistic and appears to have the same impact as the war today. Freshman Chloe Feeney, English and communication major and dedicated watcher of the show, said, “The war scenes are really vivid. I can almost see what the characters are going through.”

In watching the show and the people suffer from the Vietnam War along with the family, it’s comforting to know other people have dealt with war as well, and deal with the impact of it the same way college students are now.

“American Dreams” is also a different alternative than the reality TV shows that are constantly on. Feeney also said, “I like “American Dreams” because it’s so different from all the other TV shows on today. Each show has a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Plus, most of the other TV shows are all about sex and other things. They can watch American dreams and not receive all the trash on TV.”

On Sunday nights if you are looking for an easy way to get away from stress, it’s highly recommended to check out this show, which could relate to you, and it’s a great opportunity to take a break from all the reality TV for a good drama.

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Elizabeth Brachelli

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