America is called ‘the melting pot’ for a reason

By Danielle Kaine
September 20, 2007

I understand that “we,” America, do not want foreigners here because of the job market. But at one time ancestors of all of our families were immigrants; that is why America is called “the melting pot”.

So I am split between this decision but leaning more towards not letting them over just because I want a job and I want everyone in America to have one too.

Allowing immigrants to come to the United States would allow more diversity, as well as more jobs in the hospitality and restaurant business. Without having immigrants over in the United States we have no one to fill those jobs, even though Americans get first choice of any job.

The National Restaurant Association had forecasts of a 15 percent increase in the job market in the next decade, which will benefit any immigrants coming into the country.

But the federal government projects only a 10 percent growth. This growth would be for the people between the ages of 16 to 24.

In America anything that is “illegal” is unacceptable or wrong.

Americans having this view of immigrants as being unacceptable and more of a hassle is something that would have to be overcome.

The citizens of America are worried about if more immigrants migrate to the United States, there could possibly be a lack of employment. As well, the demand for houses will increase by about 18 million dollars.

If the United States government decides to allow more immigrants over to the United States then tax dollars will have to be raised. As well as a plan to create more visas; the ones that exist currently are only for the established. There is a huge blockage and lack of funds when it comes to immigration.

I currently stand at a cross-road when this issue comes about; because I know each and everyone of our families came either from a country other than North America.

So at one point in our history we were all immigrants and had to fight our way into this country. I know the times have changed but if America can afford it and if there are enough jobs; should more visas be created?

I would say yes, change is always good.

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Danielle Kaine

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