America: don’t back down to terrorism

By Megan Pellegrino
February 8, 2007

Statistics show that Bush’s overall approval rating has gone from 35 to 28 percent, showing that the public’s interest in the war in Iraq is at an all time low.

During the State of the Union address, the president covered many topics including domestic issues, global warming, healthcare and even schooling, yet the constant focus of the public is the president’s denial of the issues surrounding today’s war in Iraq.

What exactly are people looking for? We all know war is not pleasant and is a very touchy and emotional subject.

Yet, many ponder the thought that the best decision would be to pull out of the war and send all of the troops home.

Removing the troops seems to be the easy way around the war, but it is not the right answer. If the United States does pull the troops out of Iraq, does that make us the winner?

No, we are not. We are, then, showing our weaknesses to the terrorists.

As in all discussions, debates and wars, there is always a winner and a loser. When one side forfeits, gives up or pulls out of the competition, they are then looked at as the loser. The winner is then the one who lasts longer because the opposing side gave up.

If the United States decided to pull out of Iraq, we would then be forfeiting the war and giving up. America would then become the losers of the war on terrorism.

We then give up everything we have worked for these past five years to the terrorists. This is something I definitely feel that America should not stand for.

The war in Iraq is a position that the United States is already in and cannot just walk out of. War is a struggle and takes time to resolve. There was never a war that was easy; the current war is no different.

I feel that the war in Iraq is something that the people of America should not take lightly and must still realize that it is a war.

In addition, remember that we entered into the war on terrorism for a reason and it was not just for oil. It was for our future protection so another 9/11 will never happen again.

Removing Americans from a rough situation makes America look as though we have been defeated, making ourselves vulnerable again. The path to war is not always a straight road to success.

We may end up going in the wrong direction and get lost, but we must in order to find our way. Just because there is not automatic success, it does not mean we should forfeit.

As Winston Churchill nicely quotes, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. Never, never, never, never give up.”

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Megan Pellegrino

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