Alumna’s photos expose war

By Ryan Cox
April 1, 2004

Shawn Rice

Not until the mid to late 1800’s was war documented with anything other than word-of-mouth or newspapers. At this point in history, a new form of documentation came about; photojournalism.

A field that has created much interest among many people in recent years has indefinitely given photographers the ability to document war, from its grotesque reality, to its most pivotal moment. Cabrini will have one of these photojournalists, Linda Panetta, speak today, April 1, in the Widener Lecture Hall. This speaker is not only the main attraction for all English/communication majors career development class, but this particular photojournalist is quite distinctive. Panetta is not only Cabrini College alumni, but also a well-respected photojournalist. Having remained an active photographer for many years, Panetta will speak today about her most recent venture, documenting the war in Iraq. Upon visiting Iraq in Jan. 2004, Panetta claims that the American public has been duped into believing that things are getting better.

Students who are interested in attending today’s lecture hall presentation with Linda Panetta are welcome to attend. The presentation begins at 3:10 p.m., and concludes at 4:25 p.m. The meeting is not limited to only English/communication majors. The departement is expecting a large number of people to attend because other area colleges were invited to hear Panetta speak.

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To view some of the photographs that were taken during Panetta’s trip, visit: for a look at what Iraq is really like.

Posted to the Web by Shawn Rice

Ryan Cox

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