Alternatives to thirsty Thursday nights

By Kristen Catalanotto
September 25, 2003

Steph Mangold

Thursday nights seem to be the busy social night on Cabrini’s campus. Why Thursday nights, you might ask?? Well, that’s an easy answer, because it’s thirsty Thursday!

There are bumping and loud parties going on in a majority of the apartments as well as parties happening all over campus. My main question and concern is, why do people feel that they have to consume alcohol in order to have a good time? I’m not talking about small amounts of alcohol either; I’m talking about large quantities of alcohol that eventually will make those drinking sick or hungover the following morning.

I understand that if you are 21, you have the right to drink, but I feel that alcohol is not necessary in order to enjoy a Thursday night party, or any other party for that matter. I feel that the emphasis on parties should be spending time with good friends or family and enjoying each others company. Maybe you could play a game or just watch a movie, who’s to say that isn’t fun?

One of my friends who didn’t drink at all felt a lot of pressure once she joined college to drink. She would go to parties and hold the same beer in her hand the entire night, just so people wouldn’t ask her, “why don’t you have a drink?” I think it’s sad when young people have to hide behind alcohol, even when they don’t drink.

Doing random things like calling a bunch of your friends and taking a trip downtown to get cheesesteaks at Pat’s or just hanging in someone’s room, I think is a good time.

I feel that many college students drink because they think it is the “cool” thing to do and that everyone is doing it. We came here to Cabrini for one main purpose, to obtain an education. How are students supposed to concentrate on classes if they are keeping up with the “image” they want everyone to think is them?

I have friends back home as well as at Cabrini who drink pretty much every night. If they don’t have a drink, then their day is totally ruined. I think that is just pure irresponsibility and I hate to see their drinking patterns when they actually turn 21.

Peer pressure plays such a large role in a majority of college student’s lives, especially the freshmen. They see people their age consuming a lot of alcohol in social settings in movies and TV shows, therefore they drink when they get to parties in order to fit in with everyone else. I think it is the upperclassmen’s responsibility to make sure that when freshmen arrive that they give them guidance in making good decisions when it comes to alcohol. Maybe this would help reduce the amount of senseless behavior that occurs on thirsty Thursdays.

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Kristen Catalanotto

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