Al-Qaeda attacks kill Spanish civilians

By Kristen Catlanotto Shawn Ric
March 18, 2004

Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the train attacks in Madrid, Spain. The attacks killed 200 and wounded 1,500 individuals on Thursday, March 11. Five men are now being held with connections to the deadly blasts, three Moroccans and two Indians. A tape was also found in which al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to the Washington Post.

CIA reports on Khan research
A recent classified intelligence report gave specifics for the first time to how Pakistan’s Khan Research Laboratories supplied North Korea with all the necessary equipment and technology to establish a uranium-based nuclear weapons program. The information, provided by the Central Intelligence Agency, confirms the Bush administration’s worries of a possibly accelerated nuclear weapons program in North Korea, according to the New York Times.

Kerry receives delegates’ votes
Senator John Kerry acquired enough votes on Saturday to receive the Democratic presidential nomination. Kerry reached the count of 2,162 delegate votes after Senator John Edwards dropped of the race for the nomination on Wednesday, March 3, after a disappointing turnout when ten states held caucus, according to MSNBC.

Sharon halts political negotiations
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided to halt the political negotiations with the Palestinians because of the recent suicide bombings. Sharon said that the attacks only reinforced “the understanding that there is no Palestinian leader with the courage, the ability, to struggle against terrorism,” according to the New York Times.

Family member charged with homocide
Nine bodies were found in a Fresno, Calif., home on Friday, March 12. After a brief stand-off with police, Marcus Wesson was arrested. Wesson is believed to be the grandfather and father of two of the victims. The victims ranged from the ages of 24-1 years of age, according to CNN.

Iran cancels United Nations visit
In an angry answer to the United Nations atomic agency criticism, Iran canceled indefinitely international inspections of its nuclear facilities. Iran had pursued to repeal and then reduce international censure of its failure to fully reveal its secret nuclear program to the world, according to the New York Times.

Israel responds to attacks with missiles
On Tuesday, March 16, Israel sent at least 19 tanks into the Gaza Strip. The move by Israel was sparked by a recent attack in Rafah that killed two people and injured seven. Two people were killed after Israeli helicopters fired missiles in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, according to CNN.

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Kristen Catlanotto Shawn Ric

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