+ All Saints Day has special meaning for Philly +

By Karen Schweizer
November 1, 2001

“All Saints day is celebrated in commemoration of all of the saints of God,” said father Robert McManus, chaplain of Cabrini. “There are not enough days in a year to celebrate all of the them.”

Saints like Katharine Drexel and John Neumann, display the kind of qualities of love and altruism that represent all of the saints who will be remembered in the mass. Both Drexel and Neumann were Philadelphia saints, according to the church, although Neumann was born in Bohemia.

Drexel was a large altruist who ran programs to benefit all people, especially African and Native Americans. She founded Xavier University in New Orleans and founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, according to the W.W. Hagerty Library Drexel University website.

Katharine Drexel is tied to Cabrini by the IST department. Her uncle’s university runs it. Drexel was the niece of A.J. Drexel, the founder.

According to a website by Perpetual Adoration Apostles of Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, St. Neumann, an example of a loving saint, was a former bishop of Philadelphia. Neumann tried to spend most of his time as a bishop doing the duties of a parish priest. He taught children the Catechism, and enjoyed devoting time to hearing confessions.

Both Drexel and Neumann are examples of a the multitude of Saints that will be collectively celebrated

An All Saints Day mass, being held on Nov 1 in the Bruckmann chapel to give the campus time to remember all of the Saints. The campus is also having an All Souls Day memorial service, being held on Nov. 2, in remembrance of loved ones who have died.

A blue box has been placed in the school’s Center for Service and Leadership, in the Widener Center, which holds prayer intentions for an All Souls Day prayer service, allowing family and friends to remember their loved ones.

The service, according to Jess Morgan, a campus minister, will contain a candle lighting ceremony for those who have died last year. Family members or loved ones will then be able to light a candle, following a reading of the deceased’s name.

A special candle will be lit for the dead who suffered in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

All of the candles involved in the ceremony will remain in the chapel as a reminder for the community to pray for the deceased during November. The names of the deceased will then be inscribed into the Book of Eternal Life, hard covered record book.

All Saints Day Mass
Thursday Nov. 1
12:15 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., Bruckmann Chapel.

All Souls Day
Friday Nov. 2
12:15 p.m.,
Bruckmann Chapel
10:00 p.m., New
Residence Hall

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Karen Schweizer

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