Allegations against Residence Life

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April 18, 2002

This letter is in regards to the incident that took place on Friday, April 5, at approximately 1:15 a.m. outside of House Six. Colleen Foster, James Beck, James Atwell and myself were standing outside of the house at this time, and I was talking to someone through the window above me. Mr. David Carpenter approached us and asked us for identification. When we asked why we had to produce identification, Mr. Carpenter told us if we didn’t have identification on us at this time, he was going to call Radnor Police.

James Beck was the only student to have identification on him, and he gave it to Ophelia Morgan, the RD on duty. Mr. Carpenter proceeded to call Radnor Police. I am a resident in House Six and my identification was in my room. Colleen Foster is a resident of the Cabrini Apartment Complex and her identification was in her room also. James Atwell, who lives off campus, had his identification in his car. Ricky Cruz walked james Atwell to his car, and when he returned he gave his identification to Mr. Carpenter. At this point in time, Mr. Carpenter asked James where he lived off campus. After learning that he lived 15 minutes away in Bryn Mawr, James was instructed to drive home, although Mr. Carpenter knew he had been drinking.

James then proceeded to walk to his car when Philip Catagnus and Daniel Jellyman saw me chasing after him. They were walking by when James was instructed to leave campus. After Ricky Cruz, Clarence Scott, Philip Catagnus and Daniel Jellyman got him from walking to his car, he came back up to the house where Radnor Police had just arrived. The story somehow changed at this point to where Mr. Carpenter never told James to drive home, but that he had to take a cab. This statement was never made before Radnor Police was present.

Daniel Jellyman had come to talk to me on the steps of House Six to calm me down, when he was instructed to leave. When he asked why, he was told to leave again. When he was walking away, Mr. Carpenter asked someone whom Daniel was, and he then got written up for a noise violation and for being non-compliant. Colleen Foster’s roommate, who had brought her identification to House Six, offered to drive James Atwell back to Bryn Mawr and Radnor Police allowed this to happen. After this, everyone went to where they were instructed to go.

The main reason I am writing this letter is due to the fact that an intoxicated student was instructed to drive. Also, the students, who were my guests I feel, were written up for no probable cause. All of my guests received noise violation along with non-compliance. None of my guests had noise violations, especially since it was me who was talking through the window and I am the only student that never produced any form of identification. I had not received anything from Public Safety or Mr. Carpenter, and I was involved as much s every other student present at this time, except for the fact I was the only student present who was not an athlete.

On the attached sheet, you will find the signatures of all the witnesses present at this incident, except for Ricky Cruz and Clarence Scott. Sadly enough, the only two students that would have any authority in this situation were asked to leave their positions as Resident Assistants, and Mr. Carpenter himself instructed this. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns regarding this letter.

Katherine Hillin

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