All cereal all the time

By Staff Writer
December 10, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

Ever wanted Pop Rocks or malted milk balls on top of your cereal? How about changing your milk to whatever color you want? Not a problem. Just go to Cereality, the cereal bar and cafe, that just opened last Wednesday on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

With pajama-clad servers, Cereality opened near the University of Pennsylvania unveiling 30 brand-name cold cereals, 36 toppings and other specialities. “50 percent of our sales are cold cereals. We just opened last Wednesday. We haven’t even been opened for a week,” Nelson Diaz, the general manager of Philadelphia’s Cereality, said.

Their menu has an infinite amount of choices, including, smoothies (Slurrealities), baked goods (Cereality Bars and Cereality Bites) and parfaits.

Also, on the menu is a combo called “Your Cereal. Your Way” where you can create your own cereal mix with two scoops of cereal, one topping of your choice and milk all for a great price. Not only are you creating an artistic concotion but your cereal comes in a bowl shaped like a Chinese takeout container.

Another combination of cereal on the menu is called “The Devil Made Me Do It.” This sweet treat will satisfy any chocolate lover’s taste. The combo includes Coco Puffs, Lucky Charms, malt balls and chocolate milk crystals. Another combination satisfies the peanut butter lover and another is for those who are health conscious.

The company started at Arizona State University last year by co-founders David Rothe and Rick Bacher. According to, the company wants to open more than a dozen Cerealities next year on campuses, hospital lobbies, airports and office buildings.

In the Philadelphia Cereality, customers and “cerealogists” can watch cartoons on a flat-screen television, lounge on a couch or check e-mail with the free Wi-Fi access. Cereality is a healthy fast food alternative because according to the American Dietetic Association, cereal is full of fibers and plenty of vitamins and minerals. So, whether you’re watching your diet or just have a hankering sweet tooth, head down to 3631 Walnut Street to get some cereal any time or day of the week.

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Staff Writer

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