A ‘jazzy’ atmosphere

By Staff Writer
December 10, 2004

On a quaint campus in the middle of nowhere lies a small catholic college. This college campus houses about one thousand students and provides a place of escape and quiet to study. Can I get a Grande double shot mocha latte with a shot of vanilla and extra whipped cream?? Can I get a cafe latte with a bit of caramel please? Or maybe One of those smoothies with a lot of whipped cream. These are just some of the requests that one would hear thrown around the bustling workspace known to those of the Cabrini College Campus and its visitors as Jazzman’s. A quaint little shop of sorts, whipping up the latest (as well as the priciest to most) in meal exchange, goodies, sandwiches, coffee’s and smoothies made available to the average college student. From mocha double shot espressos to the famed Santa Fe sandwiches and Club Wraps, the selection is one that is preferred to that of the caf

Staff Writer

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