AEC Honor roll awarded to two Cabrini athletes

By Ja-Lisa Glover
March 1, 2019

Photo by Michelle Guerin

Playing sports for Cabrini means so much to students athletes. Not only are they able to do something they love but they also have chances to get recognized for it as well. When playing sports at Cabrini, athletes and their teammates work hard to make sure the season is going as planned.

With plenty of obstacles in these athletes’ way, they are still able to prosper and get them what they deserve. For this case, athletes are being recognized with the AEC honor roll award for their hard work and loyalty to the team. Both of these two athletes have interesting ways of explaining their stories of overcoming and playing their best. Voshon Mack a first-year student being honored for this award, Nomi Washington, a senior, who is closing out her year extraordinarily.

“This season has been rough for our team because we are in our team’s rebuilding phase. I believe going through these struggles will strengthen our team in the long run,” freshman men’s basketball player Voshon Mack said.

Voshon has always loved basketball, and with this being his first year playing here at Cabrini University, obstacles have tried to knock his hustle. He still plays will full determination game after game. Coming to a new university and playing for the basketball team can be a lot to handle, but with his firm belief and willingness to prosper, nothing stands in his way.

“I feel honored to receive recognition for our conference, it motivates me to keep working hard every day,” Mack said.

Both men and women’s basketball teams at Cabrini have been facing some strong barriers when it comes to playing. For the women’s basketball team, Nomi Washington has come to play for herself and her team. Not only did she become the 12th player in program history to hit 1,000 points in her basketball career in late December, but she is soon to be graduating and leaving with such good memories of her teammates.

Photo by Michelle Guerin

“This has been a bit of a roller coaster, we started out the season with some really tough competition. We won a few and lost a few. However, those games prepared us coming to the conference,” Washington said. 

Washington playing is something meaningful to her. She expresses the love and loyalty she has for her team game after game, no matter the outcome.

“We are currently undefeated in conference, and we have had only one player of the week and two honor rolls. That doesn’t seem right,” Washington said.

She too is being recognized for her determination and love for the sport with the AEC honor roll award. Although she is a senior and preparing herself for the work force, she still makes time for basketball She still makes time for basketball and her teammates and shows the strong, and mature player she has become. Washington emphasizes the difference between playing as a team rather than playing for one person.

“Last year I was defensive player of the year, so yes it’s a great feeling but winning a championship feels much better,” Washington said. “For my team, we would rather win as a team than lose with one or two shining stars.”

Ja-Lisa Glover

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